Colorless: a New Entry in the Sci-Fi Genre of Manga Series!

We humans, without a doubt, take our natural surroundings for granted in our daily lives. With the rise of the dystopian genre, we’re left wondering what type of beautiful recollections we’d remember if some unthinkable happened.

This is the subject of a new entry in the action and fantasy genre. COLORLESS is a stunning sci-fi thriller set in a world devoid of color and humanity, written by an author known as Kent.


A cosmic calamity devastated the Earth forever, removing every last speck of color from the landscape. Mankind has evolved as well: in a world dominated by mutants, the familiar human face has practically vanished. A lone wolf detective named Avidia uses his wits and an incredible gun to seek the world’s last secret shreds of color against the backdrop of a dark metropolitan setting.

He soon meets a very special girl–one who might just have the secret to restoring what the world has lost.

Colorless: When Will the Sci-fi Manga Releasing?


Seven Seas Entertainment is proudly announced the licensing of Kent’s science fiction manga series Colorless, a sleek sci-fi thriller set in a world deprived of color and people. Two-tone printing contrasts a harsh, colorless background with startling electrified blasts of neon color in this aesthetically arresting manga book.

Kent debuted the manga on the Comic Border website of LEED Publishing in January 2019. On July 20, the manga’s fifth collected book volume was released in Japan.

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Our sources say the Colorless manga will be released on May 10, 2022. For the very first time in North America, The Seven Seas will publish the manga series Colorless in single-volume editions in print and on digital platforms. Volume 1 will be available in May 2022 for $14.99 in the United States and $18.99 in Canada.

Yes, it is on its way!

Colorless: What Is the Storyline of the Manga?

Colorless plot

A bleak Earth where humans have mutated into monstrous creatures. The action series begins with the purpose of recovering a lost world with the use of a strange-looking rifle.

The planet lost all of its shades due to a massive solar flare. Humans are malformed and in short supply. The power concealed in “color” and one “female” is the secret to restoring the ancient world. Knowing that the world’s few remaining colors have enormous power, Avidia, who is conducting research while safeguarding a girl named Chie, uses the colors to enhance his own power and engages in a struggle with the Cult.

Who Are the Main Characters of the Manga?

Colorless cast

As the manga is still yet to release, we don’t have many details about the characters of the manga.

A tremendous solar flare caused the earth to lose all of its shades. Humans are both deformed and scarce. The solution to restoring the ancient world is hidden in “color” and one “girl.” Avidia, who is conducting research while protecting a girl named Chie, uses the colors to boost his own power and engages in a battle with the Cult.

Is the Colorless Manga Worth Reading?


Well, yes this manga will surely fill your otaku taste buds with a lot of action and fantasy.

This manga is truly fantastic, and it has mostly gone unnoticed by the general public. Because Hideo Kojima purchased two volumes of the manga, we can consider it quite good. In this artistically appealing manga book, two-tone printing contrasts a harsh, colorless background with startling electrified blasts of neon color, making it more intriguing.

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This manga has a different tone than other manga since it employs colors for minor details. This feature is likely due to the fact that it is a web manga that began on pixie before being serialized on comics border, which is still an online web serialization.

After working as a concept artist for figurines and statuettes, Kent went on to create the manga Colorless. The author’s work resembles an American-style comic book, with the penciling and inking giving the impression of a webcomic. However, the art is flawless in terms of both the background and the anatomy of the characters.

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