All You want to know about Crash Movie’s Characters!

In this article we will talk about the Characters of the Crash movie.

1. Graham Waters

Though Graham Waters, the closest thing to a protagonist in the film, is the closest thing we have. His tale is intertwined with many of the plot’s events, and his opening monologue creates the tone and one of the film’s key themes. Waters appears to be a well-liked detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. We quickly learn that he is having an affair with his colleague, Ria, and that his brother is a wanted criminal. Ria reflects about Waters’ aloof conduct in one of the film’s poignant episodes.

As the novel progresses, we see that Ria’s judgment is correct—Graham conceals his concerns by rejecting his familial circumstances and making several racially offensive statements. Graham’s mother begs him to utilize his law enforcement experience to locate his younger brother, Peter.
Graham, on the other hand, ignores this goal in order to enhance his career within a racist institution. Graham finally finds and recognizes his deceased brother near where he and Ria are involved in a vehicle accident in the film’s opening sequence. Graham’s introductory remark on why individuals in Los Angeles “crash” into one another suggests that he is far more insightful and impressionable than he looks.

2. Ria

Ria is Detective Waters professional associate. Ria, like Waters, is involved in the vehicle accident that shakes the film’s opening scene. Ria makes fun of the other driver, Kim Lee, for her Asian origin at the site of the collision.

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Ria is regularly criticized for her race, despite being shown as racially insensitive herself. Both Kim Lee and Detective Waters mistakenly believe she is Mexican, while she is actually half Puerto Rican and half Salvadoran.

3. Jean Cabot

Jean Cabot, District Attorney Rick Cabot’s wife, is an affluent, WASPy housewife. Jean’s life is undeniably rich, yet she is extremely dissatisfied. Jean’s everyday existence becomes dominated by anxiety when she is carjacked at the opening of the film.

crash movie cast

Her distrust of minorities is the result of her hidden anxiety. She mostly vents her rage on Maria, her devoted housekeeper. Jean discovers at the conclusion of the film that her problems arise from within—she is frustrated that her life lacks purpose and that she is always lonely. Jean apologizes to Maria and admits that her housekeeper is her sole “genuine friend” after this epiphany.

4. Rick Cabot

Rick is the Los Angeles County District Attorney. After he and his wife, Jean, are carjacked, he seeks to influence the media so that he does not appear to be the victim of a black-on-white crime.

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Rick is concerned about his political image and career. Despite his own racist views, he seeks to portray himself as a progressive politician who advocates for racial equality. However, it becomes evident throughout the film that Rick’s primary goal is to obtain the “black vote” for his approaching re-election. Rick’s inattentive treatment of his wife and family appears to be the source of Jean’s misery.

5. Officer John Ryan

Officer Ryan is a bigoted and power-hungry Los Angeles cop. He lives at home and looks after his ailing father. He frequently disagrees with Shaniqua Johnson, the agent for his father’s health insurance business, since he believes she is keeping his father from receiving medical care. He exploits his position as a white cop to vent his rage on blacks.

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He taunts Shaniqua for being black and refers to her as an affirmative-action hire. He also sexually assaults Christine Thayer during a “pat-down” in front of her husband. Though he tries to atone for his previous acts by saving Christine from a flaming automobile, his animosity is emblematic of a larger issue—racist police tactics in the United States.

6. Officer Tom Hansen

Officer Hansen is a foil figure to his colleague, Officer Ryan, at the start of the film. While Ryan is combative, Hansen is extremely passive—he stands by while Ryan molests Christine and refuses to acknowledge the underlying reasons, he desires transfer.

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Unlike many of the other characters in the film. Hansen appears to have a moral conscience—he sees Ryan’s crime and subsequently effectively defends Cameron. However, as Officer Ryan prophesied, Hansen’s laziness would ultimately turn to aggressiveness. This rage boils over in the scene where he shoots Peter in his car.

7. Cameron Thayer

Cameron Thayer is an accomplished television director. He drives the same automobile as the Cabots, and he and his wife, Christine, get pulled over on the carjacking night. It is noteworthy that he and Christine are both fair-skinned, their appearance complicates their interaction with their racist culture. Cameron’s marriage begins to crumble after he fails to interfere when Officer Ryan sexually assaults Christine.

crash movie cast

Cameron endures prejudice in his working life, and he tries to mask his discontent in order to fit in at his white-dominated company. Cameron’s rage manifests itself after Christine’s assault. When Anthony and Peter try to carjack his truck, his rage erupts—he is prepared to sacrifice his life to fight back against his aggressors. Christine attempts to confront Cameron about her racial identity, but Cameron is unable to express his genuine sentiments. Cameron is described as having sentiments of fury as well as humiliation in this regard.

8. Farhad

Farhad is a Persian guy who operates a gas station in Los Angeles. We first meet him at a gun store, where he is buying a firearm to protect his family from the vandals who deface his company. Farhad is targeted with Islamophobic insults in post-9/11 Los Angeles.

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Farhad criticizes Daniel for not properly replacing the locks after his business is plundered and destroyed. He intends to revenge Daniel by stalking the locksmith at his home. Farhad shoots Lara, who had leaped into Daniel’s arms in the middle of their dispute. His gun, however, is filled with blanks courtesy to Farhad’s daughter, Dorri. Farhad is overjoyed that Daniel and his family are safe, and he regards Lara as his “guardian angel.”

9. Dorri

Dorri is Farhad’s grown-up daughter. Dorri serves as a mediator throughout the film, translating for her father and attempting to make peace with the individuals he encounters. Dorri completes his gun purchase after Farhad is ejected from the gun store. Dorri, on the other hand, requests blank bullets rather than regular rounds. This action saves Lara’s life as Farhad plans to shoot Daniel after Farhad’s business is destroyed.

10. Kim Lee

Choi Chin Gui’s wife is Kim Lee. She is on her way to see her husband in the hospital when she is involved in an accident with Detective Waters and Ria. She makes fun of Ria because she is Latina, despite the fact that she herself is Asian.

This is all about the Cast Members of the Crash movie. Stay Tuned for more Updates!

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