Netflix has Renewed Hellbound Season 2 for a Second Season!

Netflix has announced the official renewal of Hellbound season 2 with an eerie trailer for the spooky Korean thriller at TUDUM Korea. In this article we will talk about the renewal of the season.

Season 2 of Netflix’s famous Korean series Hellbound has been officially renewed. Korean programs have been a significant lure for Netflix’s worldwide audience in recent years, even outside of South Korea. This all started with Hwang Dong-unexpected hyuk’s smash Squid Game, which featured a group of individuals assembled to participate in a series of dangerous children’s games for a large cash reward. That series became a worldwide word-of-mouth success, inspiring countless Halloween costumes in the month after its premiere and swiftly climbing to become the most-watched show on the platform of all time, with a total of 1.65 billion hours viewed.

Although no other Korean show has risen to that dazzling height, series from the region such as the spinoff Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area and the high school zombie series All of Us Are Dead have performed well in the aftermath of Squid Game, with the latter series landing on Netflix’s chart as their ninth most-watched season of television.

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Hellbound, which debuted on November 19, 2021, barely two months after Squid Game, was another Korean series that did successfully in the aftermath of Squid Game. The series, set in the not-too-distant future, explores what occurs after an entity calling itself an angel comes and declares, down to the minute, when specific individuals will be consigned to Hell. Although the first and second sets of three episodes focus on different personalities in different situations, the show generally follows the numerous groups that grow up in Korea to exploit the public’s anxieties.

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Netflix announced today at their TUDUM fan event in Korea that Hellbound has been officially renewed for a second season. Along with the news, they released a teaser that, although being just 30 seconds long, manages to be quite menacing. It shows a burned skeleton in a glass exhibit writhing and transforming into a full-blooded human being. Check out the following teaser:

What to Expect from Hellbound Season 2?

While the trailer is visually appealing, it does not disclose much about Hellbound season 2. Given the massive time leap in Season 1, it’s very likely that the second season may take up much later and focus on a completely new cast of characters. However, it appears that the program will remain live-action, which was in doubt after Hellbound creator Yeon Sang-ho suggested that the project may continue as a webtoon.

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While Hellbound has so many twists and turns that it’s hard to anticipate what will happen from one episode to the next, this teaser appears to imply something else. It is possible that some souls will begin to return from Hell. If this is the true, the knowledge acquired from these individuals will forever alter the shape of Korean society, with these individuals potentially becoming prophets of the new era.

Why Can’t Hellbound Season 2 Reveal The Truth About The Demons?

If and when Netflix’s Hellbound discloses the true source of its angels, devils, and decrees, the show will change dramatically.
Season 2 of Hellbound cannot explain who or what is actually behind its otherworldly creatures, decrees, and executions. Humanity’s frantic reactions to these otherworldly animals and happenings end up being more awful than the inexplicable events themselves in Hellbound’s gloomy reality.

 hellbound season 2

Hellbound’s narrative strength resides in leveraging the force of the unknown, similar to the fascinating episodes of the original The Twilight Zone series. While the roots of Hellbound’s supernatural happenings are unknown, the series walks the edge between fantasy and science fiction, and succeeds in leveraging the subsequent terror to flesh out great political allegory.

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The moralistic dogmas of The New Truth Society, a new age cult that says the floating heads proclaiming the decrees are angels and the irresistible hulking beasts carrying out the executions are demons, are at the heart of this allegory. The New Truth Society, which is supported by the radical Arrowhead group, claims that supernatural phenomena are ineffable acts of God and that only sinners are condemned to damnation. These dogmas were disproven in Hellbound’s season one finale, in which the newborn infant Toughie, who was sentenced to death, avoids execution when its parents sacrifice themselves to defend it.

Hellbound cannot risk exposing the truth about these events since the mystery surrounding them is the fundamental motivator for the show’s key characters and groups. The fact is that the aim of Hellbound isn’t to discover the truth behind supernatural happenings. Rather, the fundamental meaning of Hellbound may be inferred from how modern society reacts to these unexplainable happenings, allowing Hellbound to explore fanaticism, politics, and other sociological aspects in a fantastical context.

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In reality, it was the ambiguity of where the decrees came from that drove Chairman Jung Jin-soo (Yoo Ah-in) to create falsehoods and dogmas in order to build The New Truth Society, which he planned to keep people from being tortured by the unknown, as he had been for 20 years. Jin-character soo’s is not just an investigation of how complex falsehoods and brutality may prepare the groundwork for the ascent of a messiah, but he is also responsible for setting all of Hellbound’s other events in action. While the supernatural incidents serve as the narrative’s spark, the mystery surrounding them is an all-consuming fire.

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For the time being, Hellbound’s angels, demons, and decrees operate best without detailed explanations. Keeping the supernatural mystery intact also helps the spectator to focus on the prize: the societal growth of proto-fascist cults, messiahs, and hell-bound individuals. Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho, on the other hand, could opt to change things up by eventually solving this riddle in Hellbound season 2.

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