Is There Going to Be a Game Night 2? Let’s Find Out About the Cast/ Release Date & More!

In this article we will discuss about all we know about The Game Night Cast, Release Date, Plot & More.

The Most Dangerous Game ‘Saw, ‘The Game,’ ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘The Running Man,’ and the most recent addition, ‘The Hunt,’ which is still awaiting a release date. If there is one takeaway from all of these films, it is that grownups should definitely stay out of games, especially ones that play on man’s basic violent nature.

Even the newly launched and nearly endlessly, brutally enjoyable ‘Ready or Not’ has grownups playing a fatal game of hide and seek to serve the devil. Among the same ranks, the 2018 thriller comedy ‘Game Night’ was one of the year’s many surprises, and while canonically a film like that won’t have a sequel, its screenwriter’s enthusiasm for one, and the film defying odds to satisfy critics with an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and audiences with roughly four times the gross as compared to its budget, might just make it happen.

The idea for a sequel was really started by the film’s writer, Mark Perez, who has stated that he would love to be part in writing for these characters again. While it hasn’t been formally greenlit, there are conversations about it, and given the growing favorable air surrounding the picture, as well as a lot of re-watch value paid in post-DVD release, we weigh in on the likelihood of a sequel. Continue reading to learn what we know about that development.

What Is the Plot of Game Night 2?

While not as cruel as the flicks I described in the introduction, ‘Game Night’ is fashioned more as a comedy than an out and out man-prey-man picture, emphasizing on the game itself, which turns out to be all too true for the people involved. ‘Game Night‘ follows the competitive couple Annie and Max, who host a weekly night of board games and pop culture quizzes at their home with their friends, until one night, Max’s hesitant brother Brooks shows up and offers to host the game night at his home.

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He is assaulted and taken by a gang of armed men, and the ‘players’ continue to play the game, pursuing clues to find Brooks, until they realize that the game was all too real, and that Brooks was in actual, imminent danger.

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The rest of the film is about how they find him and solve the riddle of the Fabergé egg and the Bulgarian. The scene-stealer here is their officer neighbor Gary, a constantly fantastic performance by Jesse Plemmons who exposes himself to be complicit in the series of events that lead to the couple inviting him over to their gaming evenings.

While the film does have a sequence of mid-credits scenes revealing how Gary planned and played them out in order to get the better of them and get invited to their game nights, none of it actually proves to be a setup for a sequel, aside from the ending itself, which shows Brooks under house arrest for his crimes, Annie pregnant, while the group, Gary included, prepares for their next, all too real game night, with armed men getting ready to storm their building.

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When asked about the possibility of a sequel, writer Mark Perez commented, “It would be nice to have sequels. “Super titles like Game Night, or certain titles like that, feel genetically programmed to have sequels,” he explains. “That would suggest the movie fared well, and that’s all I really care about at this point,” he says, adding that although though the film was meant as a one-off at the time, the actors and everyone else involved always had a wider vision in mind.

Game Night 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

One of the film’s finest suits, its outstanding ensemble with their spot-on comic timing, would presumably all be on board for a return. Jason Bateman portrays Max Davis, Rachel McAdams portrays Annie Davis, Billy Magnussen portrays Ryan Huddle, Sharon Horgan portrays Sarah Darcy, Lamorne Morris portrays Kevin Sterling, Kylie Bunbury portrays Michelle Sterling, Jesse Plemons portrays Gary Kingsbury, and Kyle Chandler portrays Brooks Davis.

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Who Could Be Behind the Game Night 2 Crew?

Since writer Mark Perez mentioned the prospect of a sequel and his desire to work on it in the first place, it is safe to presume that he will be engaged if one occurs in the future. If New Line and Warner Bros. decide to develop a sequel, directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who co-wrote the funny ‘Horrible Bosses‘ movie and ‘Spiderman: Homecoming,’ may make a compelling argument for returning.

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Game Night 2 Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

No word on this yet because it hasn’t been formally approved, but a release date for 2021, assuming it’s revealed before the end of the year, should likely appear up.

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