Are Vinny Guadagnino and Akielia Rucker Still Together? Get Full Update Here!

In this article we will discuss about the relationship status of Vinny and Akielia!

A Short Glimpse About Vinny and Akielia

MTV’s ‘Double Shot At Love‘ is a dating reality show that follows DJ Pauly D and Vincent Guadagnino AKA Vinny as they search for their ideal partners. Throughout the program, a fascinating collection of ladies strive to earn the attention of both men, and in the conclusion, Pauly and Vinny choose one girl each as the show’s and their hearts’ winner. Since its premiere in 2019, the program has kept fans fascinated with the steamy drama generated by the stunning participants.

During season 2, Pauly D discovered true love in Nikki Hall, and together they helped Vinny on his love journey in season 3. Vinny found love in Akielia AK Rucker in season 3 after a string of unsuccessful romances in the prior two seasons, and she was declared the winner out of 17 contestants. Fans were very immersed in the couple’s interactions on the program and were overjoyed when Vinny and Akielia chose to pursue their love in the conclusion. Everyone must be wondering what happened to the pair since the season concluded. Here’s what we know thus far.

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Vinny and Akielia’s Double Shot at Love Journey

Akielia AK Rucker is a 28-year-old travel nurse and model from the Missouri town of Moberly. She has also participated in the sketch comedy program ‘Wild ‘N’ Out‘ in seasons 15, 16, and 17. In 2021, Akielia met Vinny Guadagnino while competing on ‘Double Shot at Love’ season 3. They’ve been friends from the beginning of the program, and Akielia was Vinny’s first kiss that season in episode 2.

are vinny and akielia still together

Akielia, a former collegiate basketball player, astonished Vinny with her dribbling talents by playing a match against him in one of the episodes. Furthermore, Vinny’s mother Paula preferred Akielia over the other girls on the program because of her charming character, intellect, and desire to marry and have her own family. Vinny’s affinity to Akielia was undoubtedly influenced by his mother’s selection, and she went on to become one of season 3’s top three finalists, with Emily “Peachy” Piccinonno and Erika DeVito.

are vinny and akielia still together

After he eliminated the other two competitors, Vinny asked Akielia for a “little” opportunity at love, claiming that he had a long-term connection with her. This was despite his reservations about Akielia’s inability to articulate her affections for him, as well as his dread of having his heart shattered. Though she was apprehensive given her short time with him, Akielia accepted to be his final chance, and the finale closed with the couple going on a double date with Pauly D and Nikki.

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Are Vinny and Akielia Still Together?

Sadly, Vinny Guadagnino and Akielia AK Rucker are no longer together. Vinny announced on his Instagram stories the day after the season 3 finale that he was no longer dating Akielia. “The ending you saw last night was taped seven months ago,” he said. ‘AK’ and I have maintained contact. We’re not dating, but I now consider her a friend since she’s so cool.”

 The rest of the program was shot months before the end, Akielia and Vinny didn’t see one other for several months, and their bond naturally faded. For the professional front, Vinny is due to return on season 5 of ‘Jersey Shore,’ while Akielia just starred on the ‘Wild ‘N’ Out’ Christmas special.

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