In Love Island UK Season 7- Which Couples Are Still Together & Which Are Not?

In this Article we will talk about the couples from Love Island Season 7, and will get to know whether they are together or not?

Find out which Love Island Season 7 couples are still alive, from winners Millie and Liam to fourth-place finishers Kaz and Tyler and everyone in between. After 49 weeks, Love Island UK Season 7 came to a conclusion with Millie Court and Liam Reardon being crowned grand winners. One of the most intriguing features of a program that actually pushes competitors to discover true love is checking in after the competition to see which couples have remained together. While most couples part after the cameras are turned off, some remain together to this day.

With Season 7 ending in less than a month, it’s time to examine how many couples have weathered the test of time and which have gone by the wayside.

1. Brett & Priya: No Longer Together

It was always going to be tough for Brett Staniland and Priya Gopaldas to form a meaningful relationship in such a short time frame given how they joined the villa on day 45 of 58 of the famous reality dating series. As a result, when asked to select the least suitable pair, the islanders voted them out.

love island uk couples still together

It’s no surprise that the two are no longer together after leaving the villa. Priya publicly chastised Brett for being uninteresting while criticizing his food preferences, revealing a general lack of chemistry. Despite their breakup, the two have promised to stay friends outside of the villa.

2. Millie & Liam: Still Together

Millie and Liam earned their first-place finish by being the strongest and most liked pair that joined forces on day 14 and lasted until day 58. Their friendship was strengthened as they overcame Liam’s wandering eye in the dramatic Casa Amor incident before he returned to Millie in the resort.

love island uk couples still together

It’s a delight to announce that the pair is not only still alive and well, but that Millie and Liam have managed to spend practically every day together despite the social restrictions imposed by the global epidemic.

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3. Mary & Aaron: No Longer Together

Mary Bedford appeared to have a nice thing going with Aaron Simpson after trying to connect with Toby and Sam as a late villa entrant. Unfortunately, the pair only got one week to cement their romance before being kicked out of the resort.
Mary and Aaron parted ways after leaving the villa, with the former implying that the latter is only a close friend. On the Love IslandReunion episode, Mary stated that the two were simply too busy at the time to pursue a serious relationship.

4. Chloe & Toby: Still Together

Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran, the charming and formidable pair who overcame a hard path early on to develop one of the show’s most profound romances, were another incredibly fun couple that viewers continued to cheer for during season 7. They eventually finished second.

love island uk couples still together

And, like Millie and Liam, Chloe and Toby’s bond as a couple has grown since their Love Island experience. The two spend a lot of time together, including a recent appearance at the National TV Awards, where the popular Love Island participants were decked up to the nines.

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5. Liberty & Jake: No Longer Together

One of the biggest surprises and heartbreaks of season 7 occurred when Jake and Liberty, the villa’s longest-tenured pair, chose to split amicably and leave the competition four days before the finale. The two had been a pair since day one, progressing to an official boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, and it appeared they were bound for the wedding aisle. Unfortunately, despite calling it quits on the show, they’ve kept loyal to their choice since leaving the villa. Jake and Liberty remain cordial to this day, but they had to confront the harsh reality that they were not a long-term romantic match.

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