Is ’90 Day Fiancé’ Couple Paul and Karine Still Together?

In this article we will discuss about Paul and Karine’s relationship. Let’s Find Out all we want to discuss about them!

TLC’s superhit reality series ‘90 Day Fiance‘ has produced seven seasons. Many couples have come and gone on our program, but a handful stand out and will be remembered forever. One such pair is Paul and Karine. But they are renowned for their drama and arguments rather than their love. The pair has become a beloved cast member of the program, initially appearing on seasons 1 and 2 of ’90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days’ and then on ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’.

Paul and Karine: 90 Day Fiance Journey

Paul, 34, from Kentucky, initially met the Brazilian Karine online. Karine had captivated, interested, and enchanted Paul due to their regular correspondence. He came to Brazil to see her, and sparks sparked as soon as he saw her. They struck it off right away and married in November of 2017.

Despite the fact that the couple had to use a translation software to communicate during the first half of their relationship, their true difficulties arose after the wedding. Karine became pregnant shortly after their marriage. Karine had a heartbreaking miscarriage before they could even enjoy the wonderful news. She conceived again some months later, but she went through the same agony.

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When asked about it, Paul said that the tough periods had drawn them closer rather than further apart. He stated that they put aside their disagreements and become one other’s strengths. Fortunately, Karine became pregnant for the third time, and their baby boy, Pierre, was born in March 2019.
are paul and karine still together

Paul and Karine were delighted, pleased, and nervous all at the same moment. They couldn’t wait to celebrate their new addition. But everything changed when Paul accused Karine of infidelity and offered to undergo a paternity test. Karine burst into tears when she heard the news on television.

Not only that, but the pair appeared to be unsure about their residency status for a long period. Paul couldn’t afford Karine’s K-1 visa, and his mother refused to co-sponsor her. As a result, he relocated to Brazil to be with his family. However, he ran into problems with the government, who refused him Permanent Residency owing to his criminal record. Paul has already been accused with arson and insurance fraud. He had also violated a restraining order issued against him by his ex-girlfriend. However, the pair was able to resolve their problem and have returned to the United States. Paul took to social media to inform his followers that his house in Brazil had been looted, and it wasn’t his fault.

Paul’s Crucial Time

Paul seems to struggle with anger control on the episode. Paul had anger difficulties and mismanaged confrontations even after their marriage. He had accused Karine of cheating on him after seeing her talking to many men online. Things worsened when she disclosed that a man she met online was sending her money.

Paul and Karine’s ugly quarrel made news in November 2019. Paul confirmed to the public on the spur of the moment that Karina had eloped with another guy, and he has now chosen to divorce her. When asked about the divorce, Karine refuted all rumors and stated that she is not comfortable revealing her personal life on social media. Paul even went so far as to post his divorce procedures on the internet. He appears to have changed his mind, since those posts have now been removed.

Are Paul and Karine Still Together?

Yes! They are still married. It was not the first time the pair had threatened to divorce. They have regularly accused each other of cheating, lying, and manipulating. However, it appears that they have ultimately resolved their differences and are raising their child together in Kentucky.

paul and karine relationship

Pierre’s first birthday was recently celebrated. Karine allegedly pampered herself to a salon day, during which she had her hair done. According to rumors, Karine received cosmetic surgery in 2019 and had brow microblading done. Paul’s mother has also developed a strong attachment with Pierre, referring to him as the ‘royal of two kingdoms‘.

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TLC contacted the couple to star in their new spin-off ‘90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined,’ but they declined. Paul verified the news and shared it with his social media fans. He stated that they have been working on a self-produced product that would be released shortly.

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