Are Clayton and Susie from the Bachelor Still Together? What is Going on Between the Couple? Let’s Find Out!

In this article we will discuss about the relationship between Clayton and Susie. How’s the things going on between the couple?

The Bachelor,’ a dating reality program unlike any other, centres around a single guy and his quest to find the right mate. Although there are various ladies competing for his attention, the Bachelor must select amongst them by going on multiple dates and spending time with each. The program eventually sends contestants home through eliminations and rose ceremonies until the final person standing is named the winner and generally receives a proposal from the Bachelor.

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans met on season 26 of ‘The Bachelor,’ and they hit it off right away. However, after much drama and multiple questionable mistakes, Susie rejected Clayton in the season finale. Nonetheless, with rumors of the pair reuniting circulating, we decided to investigate and find out the truth!

All About Clayton and Susie’s The Bachelor Journey

Clayton and Susie met while filming season 26 of the program at the Bachelor Mansion. Although they hit it off right away, Clayton realized he had a lot of other competitors to pick from and opted to leave his options open. However, as the season proceeded, Clayton became increasingly drawn to Susie, and it was clear that the two developed a particular relationship. They were even very dedicated to each other, and their connection was clear.

is clayton and susie still together

Clayton appeared to be the happy when he was with Susie, and people anticipated them to marry. As a result, it came as no surprise when Susie made it to the top four and had a date with Clayton in his hometown of Eureka, Missouri. The couple appeared to be having a good time. Susie eventually made it to the top three and traveled to Iceland with Clayton and the other participants. Unfortunately, it was when Clayton disclosed that he had slept with the two remaining contestants, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey.

Susie was understandably unhappy and elected to quit the program on the spot. Clayton was divided between his feelings for Susie and his responsibilities on the program in the days that followed. Nonetheless, he continued to treat Rachel and Gabby equally and showed no evidence of favoring one over the other. Clayton’s passion for Susie triumphed in the season finale as he attempted to reunite with her. However, in the finale, Susie rejected Clayton, leaving viewers to wonder if their love was over.

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Are Clayton and Susie Still Together?

YES! We are happy to announce that Clayton and Susie are still together and doing well. Clayton and Susie reunited online shortly after season 26 concluded because she wanted to know why Clayton mistreated her at the end. After all, he did appear to be a touch chilly and aloof. However, the discussions quickly became amorous, and old sentiments reappeared. So the couple decided to reconcile. Surprisingly, the season finale had not yet broadcast at the time. As a result, they had to keep their connection a secret for a long time.

is clayton and susie still together

Clayton and Susie eventually made their relationship public after the season finale aired. The former disclosed in the season 26 reunion show that he sold his house and quit his job to move in with Susie in Virginia. The two have a beautiful friendship and frequently share their moments together on social media. Furthermore, the lovebirds enjoy going on road excursions. In fact, they announced during the reunion that they were planned a trip from Arizona to Virginia. It’s very amazing to see how hard Clayton and Susie have worked on their relationship. We can only foresee more fun and adventures for these two in the future.

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