What Is Going On Between Steven And Calah? Is Steven McBee Still Dating Calah Jackson?

In this article let’s find out the relationship between Steven McBee and Calah Jackson.Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer‘ is an intriguing dating program based on the popular ‘Joe Millionaire‘ franchise, with one major distinction. Instead of a single millionaire, the show now showcases two single guys, one of whom is and one who is not. As 18 women battle for their attention, the show maintains both men’s financial situations hidden until the last day, pitting love vs money in a dramatic finish.

On season one of the program, Steven McBee appeared as one of the eligible bachelors and looked to be quite interested in Calah Jackson. Calah, on the other hand, stated that she was not like the other women and required a lot of time before making a decision. At the end of the season, the two did end up as a couple. Fans are wondering if they are still together now that the cameras have been taken away from their life. We’ve arrived with answers!

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer Journey by Steven McBee and Calah Jackson8

The show’s format requires each man to embark on many dates with different ladies until they feel chemistry or a connection worth pursuing. Even though Steven was given the choice of selecting a partner from among 18 competitors, he quickly narrowed his selections and eventually settled on Annie Jorgensen and Calah Jackson. Annie and Steven looked to be a fantastic fit from the start, as she spent little time opening up to him and the two appeared to have a solid connection. Steven found it simple to connect with Annie and knew she would be a good match for him.

 are steven and calah still together

At the same time, Steven was captivated by Calah’s cryptic yet intriguing demeanor and restrained manner, and he couldn’t get her out of his thoughts. Calah, on the other hand, appeared to be interested in both bachelors, Steven and Kurt. However, as she interacted with Steven, she came to fall love him and decided to abandon Kurt. Calah revealed on the show that she was no different from the other ladies since it took her time to let down her barriers and open up to someone.

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Steven appeared to be a good fit for Calah since he was patient and let her open up on her own. Calah eventually opened up to Steven while they were on a date, and their instant chemistry stunned the audience. Although Steven was still hesitant if he would be comfortable with Calah’s restrained demeanor, there was a powerful pull that he couldn’t deny. Thus, despite being trapped in a situation until the very last second, Steven trusted his instincts and picked Calah as his partner in the finals.

Are Steven McBee and Calah Jackson Still Together?

 are steven and calah still together

Steven and Calah exchanged rings in the season finale as a vow to attempt to make their love work in the real world. So far, it appears that the pair has kept their word. We are happy to inform that Steven and Calah are still together and that their love is continuing strong. Following filming, the pair was urged to keep their relationship quiet until their season aired. Later, the couple discussed how tough it was to keep their secret because they couldn’t go out in public together.

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Despite this, the two FaceTimed on a regular basis, and Steven was even able to smuggle the Dallas native up to his property in Missouri, where he lived on a farm with his nearest neighbor around 5 miles away. Furthermore, the couple explained how they spent their time in the kitchen creating wonderful foods and getting to know each other, which deepened their friendship.

More About The Couple

Steven and Calah are currently living together in Steven’s residence in the Missouri town of Gallatin. The pair did, however, say that they are in the process of finding their own apartment in Kansas City. Meanwhile, the couple intends to keep themselves occupied by picking décor for the new home and visiting eateries they have yet to visit. As a result, while Steven and Calah are having the time of their life, we wish them all the best in the years ahead.

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