Nate and Lauren From The Ultimatum Are Still Together? Let’s Find Out!

In this article you will get to know all about the relationship between The Ultimatum Couple- Nate and Lauren.

Nate Ruggles gave an ultimatum to his partner, Lauren Pounds, in season one of the show. Although the pair appeared to be happy together, Nate was frustrated by his inability to progress with his lady love. Fans are interested about Nate and Lauren’s relationship now that the cameras have been taken away from them following the completion of the first season. Let’s find out together, shall we?

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On,‘ a Netflix reality program, is an intriguing take on the tried and true premise of dating reality shows. It focuses on six devoted couples who have not yet married. Each relationship contains one individual who has given their significant other an eight-week deadline to marry or split. During the decision-making process, however, each individual decides to pair up with someone else to test the strength of their bond. An interesting idea combined with a healthy amount of drama and romance makes for an exciting viewing.

The Journey of Nate and Lauren’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On

are nate and lauren still together

Lauren Pounds and Nathan Ruggles had been together for almost two and a half years when their romance came to an abrupt stop due to Lauren’s refusal to have children. Nate stated that he made his aspirations to settle down with a wife and children quite plain from the start. He even stated that he couldn’t wait to be a parent. However, when Nate proposed to Lauren, she claimed that she did not want any children, which caused him to reconsider.

Nate had had enough of waiting for marriage. As a result, he gave Lauren an ultimatum: accept his proposal or walk away. Nate and his girlfriend appeared to be agreeable to the notion of the experiment at first. Nate stated on the program that he was ready to settle down with any lady wanting to establish a family with him, and he began warming up to a few others in the first week. He was particularly fond to Madlyn Ballatori and April Marie, both of whom seemed to share Nate’s emotions.

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What Happened to the Couple After the Show?

are nate and lauren still together

Nate saw the benefits of the experiment as he began to open up to new individuals and looked forward to an educational eight weeks. Lauren, on the other hand, began to connect with Madlyn’s boyfriend Colby Kissinger and found herself captivated to him. Colby assisted Lauren in confronting her worries about having children, and the latter stated that Nate’s frequent trips were what deterred her from taking the plunge. Surprisingly, Lauren recognized the significance of mutual understanding and was willing to really consider her concerns about children when Colby asked whether she would have children with him.

When the time came to pick possible partners, both April and Madlyn chose other partners over Nate, which surprised him. Nate recognized how tough it would be to see his sweetheart be with someone else when Colby picked Lauren as his partner. As a result, in an unexpected change of events, he got down on one knee and proposed to Lauren, who appeared delighted to accept. As a result of their engagement, the pair abandoned the experiment and walked off of the show together.

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Are Nate Ruggles and Lauren Pounds Still Together?

are nate and lauren still together

Yes! When Nate proposed to Lauren, he stated that he was prepared to marry her exactly as she was. He said how the desire to have children blinded him to the closeness they shared and pledged to stay by her side regardless of her future decision to have children. Later, while Lauren indicated that couples counselling would help them find more common ground in the long term, Nate sounded overly sure in their love and seemed adamant on being married first.

Having said that, the Texans did go to counseling to iron out their differences and have now chosen to have one kid as a kind of meet-in-the-middle compromise. Thus, based on their internet presence, not only are the office manager and Co-Founder & COO of Derive Development still going strong, but they also appear to be planning a wedding later this year. Nathan is still the Vice President of Business Development at Urbanist, but as he and Lauren begin a new chapter, we’re confident he’ll make the appropriate modifications for her.

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