Are Joi and Clifton From Ready To Love Still together? Let’s Know About the Couple’s Relationship!

In this article we will enlighten you about the relationship status between Joi and Clifton.

Ready to Love‘ is an intriguing dating reality program that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of prosperous black men and women in their 30s and 40s. Because the majority of these people are searching for meaningful connections, it’s intriguing to watch how they manage their social lives and engage in formal courting. Furthermore, the show is fully unscripted, which adds to the thrill.

Joi and Clifton’s Ready to Love Journey

 joi and clifton still together

Clifton and Joi met for the first time at the initial mansion mixer and hit it off right away. Clifton and Joi had a lovely talk packed with smart tales and jokes while the other participants were still getting to know one other. It didn’t take long for them to feel at ease in one other’s company, and the couple even flirted with each other, much to the joy of fans.

Despite the show’s constant introduction of blind dates and other potential romantic prospects, Clifton and Joi remained focused on each other. Interestingly, the couple looked anxious to make their relationship work but were hesitant to make the first step. To everyone’s amazement, Clifton took matters into his own hands and kissed Joi during a game of truth and dare.

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Are Joi and Clifton Still Together?

 joi and clifton still together

We are happy to announce that Joi and Clifton are still together and doing well. While picking Joi during the season finale, Clifton talked about the hurdles they had to face and added, “We have had a fantastic journey, since day one my sights have been focused on you-tunnel vision. Then came Truth or Dare, which confirmed what we already knew. Then there was the retreat, and everything fell apart again because some people still didn’t grasp our love for one other.”

Joi, on the other hand, was only too glad to accept, mentioning how Clifton was both her closest friend and her boyfriend. He was someone with whom she could be foolish and who made her feel comfortable and cherished. Since then, the two have based their relationship on love and are quite content with one other. Aside from posting lovely and poignant photos on social media, the couple also received matching King and Queen tattoos, which now serve as a testament to their love. Clifton and Joi appear to be having the time of their life, and we wish them much happiness in the years ahead.

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