Is Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl from Love Is Blind 2 Still Together?

In this article we will get to know all about the Relationship between Nick and Danielle. Let’s Find Out the chemistry between them.

On Love is Blind season 2, Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl were a polarizing pair, and many fans were stunned by the update they gave about their relationship on the reunion show. The pair disclosed that they are still together over a year later. Nick and Danielle appear to be very different in real life than they were on the program, and their relationship appears to have a decent chance of succeeding.

Danielle and Nick struck up an instant bond in the pods, and Nick was the first of the males to propose. Though they were overjoyed to finally see each other, it wasn’t long before resentment developed between them. During their trip to Mexico, Danielle missed the couples’ cocktail party due to a panic episode, and Nick struggled to grasp what Danielle required from him. When they returned to Chicago, their squabbles continued, and it appeared like the pair would never go down the aisle. However, in the end, Nick and Danielle were married in a touching (and sweaty) ceremony. Despite the fact that they were one of two couples to marry this season, many viewers still had doubts about Danielle and Nick’s relationship.

Are Danielle and Nick married?

They did, indeed! The finale begins with Nick and Danielle, who are clearly apprehensive, standing at the altar after Danielle said “I do” at the end of the ninth episode. Nick informs her—and everyone else— “I do. I have no doubt that you are the one I am intended to be with. I’m pleased I discovered you, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life getting to know you better.”

is danielle and nick still together

“Thank you,” exclaims an overjoyed Danielle, as the two get married and walk out into the sunset.
“I’ve got a wife!” In a post-wedding confessional, Nick says. “Very pleased. I’m quite excited. It was a game-time decision since I wasn’t sure she was 100 percent convinced—but everything worked out as it should… We’ll be together for the next 50 years or so, and I can’t wait.” Meanwhile, in her own post-wedding confessional, Danielle says- “We love each other more than we could ever convey to anyone… I’m simply delighted we arrived to the same conclusion.” She continues: “I have a wife. I’ve got a husband… So, obviously, love is blind!

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Are They Still Together Now?

Yes! Danielle and Nick revealed that they are still together and happily married during the Love Is Blind reunion concert. Danielle moved into Nick’s house, and the two raved over their “blissful” relationship, which they’re actively working to preserve through frequent couples’ counseling. “Him and I fell in love so soon, and because we both knew at the end of the day we wanted to be together, we did felt so rushed to find out what was the best road for us to pursue,” Danielle told Us Weekly.

is danielle and nick still together

That produced a pressure cooker scenario in which we wondered, ‘Oh, my God, what do we do?’ And we both came to the conclusion, ‘It’s us, like, we’re spending the rest of our lives together,’ can’t wait for people to see the relationship that we have now.” Many fans predicted Danielle and Nick would never marry, yet the Love is Blind season 2 pair not only married, but they’re still together.

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