Woman ripped Pro-Israel Flag at Bagel Shop in Miami; Detained for alleged Hate Crime

Miami, FL: A bagel store in Miami Beach has once again become the target of damage amid tensions between Israel and Hamas began to escalate on the international stage. This is the third incident that has occurred since the hostilities began.

As a result of the act of tearing down pro-Israel and American flags outside of the Bagel Time Cafe on Alton Road, which is a place that is known for its Orthodox Jewish patronage and is an ardent supporter of Israel, Yasmeen Hasan Al-Akhras was the most recent person to face judicial proceedings.

Having been captured in Philadelphia in January of this year following the flap flap that occurred in December, Al-Akhras turned herself up after flying into Miami on Sunday night. According to WSVN, her legal representation has opposed the classification of the incident as a hate crime, arguing that their client could not have possible known the religious affiliation of the proprietor of the institution.

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On the other hand, the state emphasized the immediacy of the occurrence, which occurred several months after the assaults that took place in Israel on October 7, indicating that there may have been a biassed motivation.

At the Bagel Time Cafe, the regular practice of destroying symbols has become into something of an unwanted routine. Back in October, a man who was exiting a yellow Mustang cut a pro-Israel banner that was displayed outside of the establishment. This past Friday, surveillance tape captured a man who was disrespectfully tearing down an American flag that was displayed on the storefront. It’s possible that these instances of discontent are indicative of an unresolved rift that is much more significant than the shop’s location on Alton Road.

During the bond court hearing that took place on Monday, the state made a request for a protective order that would prevent Al-Akhras from having any contact with the company and its proprietor. Petit theft is one of the counts against her.

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“I believe that there is no evidence, nothing there to suggest that my client was where the owner of the store was in fact Jewish,” her attorney remarked, attempting to separate the destruction from a hate crime and leaning more toward presenting it as a political protest. “I believe that there is nothing there to suggest that my client was”

Despite the points that were presented by her attorney, Josh Nodel, the proprietor of Bagel Time Cafe, expressed a different perspective. “This lady, she is the lowest, compared to anyone else that was involved in any of it, she was the lowest, intentionally, she knew what she was doing, she knew what she was coming to do, she did it with hate,” Nodel told the television station NBC Miami.

The measures that have been taken have not only caused damage to his property, but they have also offended Nodel’s customers, who are looking for a sense of community and belonging within the confines of his institution.

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