Miami-Dade Animal Abuse Case leads to 5 arrests; Were involved in Cockfighting Ring

Miami-Dade, FL: During an illegal dumping investigation in the county’s Horse Country area, five men were detained by Miami-Dade police on Thursday. The investigation uncovered roosters, cages, and fighting rings on a property, according to arrest reports.

The specific block where the aforementioned home is located is 6700 on Southwest 122nd Avenue.

Search warrant enforcers discovered “numerous” confined roosters and training rings on the premises, according to the police, who said the animals were dumped illegally.

The officials also reported discovering cockfighting equipment, such as “syringes, vials containing medication that is consistent with the preparation process of fighting roosters for gaming purposes, along with several ‘agitators’ used to excite the roosters to engage them in preparation to train and/or fight.”

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The authorities said that several of the hens had their beaks cut off.

The following men are facing charges:

  • Maykel Barroso Montero, 47, of Miami
  • Carlos Bienvenido Cruz, 75, of southwest Miami-Dade
  • Alejandro Montero Morales, 35, of southwest Miami-Dade
  • Epifanio Puentes Suarez, 71, of southwest Miami-Dade
  • Omar Ucio Izquierdo, 67, of southwest Miami-Dade

According to authorities, a number of the men were already on the property when Montero Morales and Barroso Montero were apprehended; they arrived with two blue chicken carriers.

According to authorities, Cruz informed investigators that he raised hens and roosters on the property and paid a woman named “Shirley” $500 monthly to rent space.

The roosters are allegedly placed “into the training ring to exercise them and keep them in good health” according to his statement.

In addition, Barroso Montero reportedly told the authorities that he paid “Shirley” $500 every month. An arrest report states that Puentes Suarez claimed to have paid $475 and also resides on the property.

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The males are all reportedly facing a number of animal cruelty and fighting-related crimes, both felonies and misdemeanors.