Woman on Death Row after she Killed her Date, Removed internal organs, Chopped and then Dumped Parts at 17 Different Places

Thirteen body parts were found at 17 disposal spots by investigators. Later, the medical officer found that Sydney Loofe had been in 14 separate cuts and had all of her organs taken out before her killers threw her body parts in different places.

The woman who was found guilty of killing, mutilating, and dismembering another woman she met on a famous dating app did not have her appeal heard by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

The jury found Bailey Boswell, 30, guilty of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and improper disposal of human remains at her 2020 trial. She is now serving a life term.

These charges are related to the death of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe, who worked at a hardware shop and met Boswell on Tinder. Prosecutors say that on their second date, Boswell lured Loofe to her death.

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This is the last time Loofe’s phone rang in Boswell’s flat, which she shares with Aubrey Trail, 58, who is also on death row.

The police looked for Loofe for three weeks before finally finding her cut arm in a torn bag on the side of the road in Edgar, a small town about 75 miles west of Lincoln home to less than 500 people. Loofe had a tattoo on her arm that said “Everything Will Be Wonderful Someday.” This made it easy for investigators to quickly identify her body.

In the end, 13 body parts were found at 17 places where they were supposed to be thrown away. Later, the medical inspector found that Loofe had been cut into 14 pieces and all of her organs had been taken out before her killers threw her body parts in different places.

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In their appeal, Boswell and her lawyer questioned a number of things. The first was the 87 photos of Loofe’s body parts that were found at the crime scene and the autopsy pictures that were used as evidence in the trial. According to them, the pictures don’t matter because they showed how graphic and horrible Loofe’s murder was, which is what turned the jury against Boswell.

Also, Boswell and her lawyers didn’t like what three young women said when they said they were in physical relationships with the defendant and Trail after meeting them on Tinder. According to court records, those witnesses said that Boswell and Trail abused them physically and sexually, talked about witches and the occult, and made plans for them to torture and kill someone for their own sexual pleasure.

Boswell and her lawyer didn’t like the woman’s claims of sexual abuse and witchcraft, as well as the evidence linked to these claims. They said it put the defendant in an unfair position because she is a victim of Trail, who they say is behind it all.

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