12-year-old Boy Brutally Molested by Immigrant in Florida; Deputies reveal Molestation cases in his Home Country after Arrest

A man from Venezuela is being accused of sexually assaulting a boy younger than 12 in Gainesville, Florida, according to cops.

An immigrant from Venezuela named Jhoiber De Jesus Marin-Perez, 25, was arrested by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday and charged with sexual battery of a child younger than 12 years old.

Police say that Marin-Perez was staying in the same room as the victim, who told adults at the home what happened. According to the woman, Marin-Perez came back to the house late at night after drinking and touched her genitalia before making her touch his own.

Marin-Perez had only been living at the house for about a month when the claimed incident happened. He told police that he is bisexual and hasn’t had a sexual partner since coming to the U.S. from Venezuela.

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Marin-Perez told the cops that he did not do anything sexual with the victim, which was different from what the victim said happened.

Marin-Perez also said that the victim may have charged him of sexual battery because he had been accused of raping two girls in his home country of Venezuela before. He is still being held at the Alachua County Jail without bail.

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