Woman Faces Charges After Alleged Racist Incident and Attempted Drowning; Community in Shock

CAIR is raising awareness about the recent arrest of a woman from Euless. Allegedly, she is facing accusations of trying to drown a three-year-old girl in an apartment pool following an incident involving racist comments towards the child’s mother.

This incident occurred at a pool located in the 2500 block of Highway 360, within an apartment complex.

According to Euless police, a disturbance between two women was reported on May 19th. Upon their arrival, Elizabeth Wolf, who is 42 years old, was taken into custody due to her state of public intoxication.

According to officers, a 32-year-old mother reported an incident involving Wolf. She stated that Wolf inquired about her origin and made remarks about her nationality. Wolf then proceeded to grab her 6-year-old son, who managed to break free.

“He suffered a minor injury, and while the mother was tending to him, she swiftly took hold of her three-year-old daughter and submerged her deeper into the pool,” Captain Brenda Alvarado recounted.

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According to authorities, several individuals came forward to assist her. Medical professionals quickly arrived at the scene and assessed both children, determining that they were unharmed. Wolf faces serious charges of attempted capital murder and injury to a child as per CBS News.

“It’s quite frightening,” tenant Nikki Harwell expressed. “Yes, if it can occur in this location, it has the potential to occur in any other place as well. This community is known for its safety, with well-lit streets and gated entrances.

CAIR is urging state and federal authorities to thoroughly investigate this incident as a potential hate crime.

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