Alabama Parents Arrested after Kids Showed Up at School with Heavily Bruised Face and told Teachers that his Step-Mom used Spatula to Beat Him Up

A couple from Robertsdale has been taken into custody on charges of aggravated child abuse. They are currently being held without bond.

William and Kelsey Brewer have been charged with one count of aggravated child abuse, which is classified as a class B felony.

Robertsdale Police have reported that employees of the school notified the Department of Human Resources about the abuse, which led to them contacting the police.

During the investigation, the child informed the authorities that the stepmother had thrown a lunch box at them. According to the police, the incident caused a busted lip and swelling of the mouth. As a result, the police decided to pay a visit to the residence, where they uncovered several instances of reported abuse.

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Police report disturbing conditions in which the child was confined to their room, denied basic necessities, and neglected in terms of hygiene and cleanliness as per WEARTV News.

In another incident, a child showed up at school with visible bruises on their face. The police reported that the child claimed these bruises were a result of being struck by their stepmother with a spatula.

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