Who is the Most Powerful Angel? Let us Explore and Get to Know About their Supernatural Powers!

Angels are intertwined with man’s civilization. Regardless of faith or belief system, legends about angels are woven into the fabric of human history. According to recent polls, up to 85 percent of American citizens believe in angels. In this piece we will discuss about the most Powerful Super Angels!

1. Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, whose name means “one who is like God,” is often regarded as the angel of protection and the most powerful of all angels. He is regarded as an angelic commander and a patron angel of righteousness, kindness, and justice. As a result, religious artwork frequently shows Jesus as a warrior with a sword.

who is the Most Powerful Angel

Archangel Michael can help you if you are terrified, confused, or worried about your safety. He aids in the release of fear and uncertainty, and assists us in making life changes. He is supposed to collaborate closely with individuals who conduct therapeutic work or give spiritual guidance. He can even repair mechanical and electrical issues! Archangel Michael can also help with bravery, direction,  energy and vitality, all aspects of life purpose, motivation, space clearing, spirit releasement, worthiness and self- esteem.

2. Bartholomew

Bartholomew, a former intelligence angel and Naomi’s protégé, was a faction leader who headed a group of fallen angels after Metatron’s curse expelled them from Heaven. His side used podcasts to recruit diverse religious followers of Reverend Buddy Boyle, assembling an army to defeat Metatron.

He quickly found a challenger in Malachi, a distinct faction leader and low-level angel who wished to join forces with Bartholomew. Bartholomew attempted to provoke a fight with Castiel after futilely attempting to attract him to his cause. Castiel was compelled to protect himself after hesitating to behave aggressively, forcing him to mortally stab Bartholomew with an angel sword.

3. Balthazar

Balthazar was a close friend of Castiel who was assumed to have died in combat sometime during the Apocalypse. He was sarcastic, impulsive, and self-serving. As Castiel and the Winchesters invaded his home, they learned that Lucifer had faked his death and taken several powerful items from Heaven.

who is the Most Powerful Angel
Despite his lighthearted demeanor and rebellious temperament, Balthazar possessed great talents. When Raphael assaulted the Winchesters, he used an alternate reality spell to transport Sam and Dean to a universe where they were the stars of the TV program Supernatural, in one of the finest meta episodes.

4. Ephraim

Ephraim, a specific kind of angel known as the Rit Zien, served as a doctor and compassionate executioner on Heaven’s battlefields. He took the vessel of a devout religious man after crashing to Earth. With no grasp of human emotions, he began smiting everyone in agony, regardless of how terrible their condition was.
Ephraim proceeded to destroy the lives of those crushed by suffering, attracting the notice of Dean and Castiel, including a girl in despair after a painful break-up with her fiancé. While he attempted to strike Castiel, he was caught off surprise by an angel sword, ending his life.

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5. Hannah

Hannah was one of the numerous angels that fell to Earth as a result of Metatron’s curse, serving as second-in-command in Castiel’s group, which was formed to prevent Metatron and Gadreel from building a new Heaven. Although first attacking Castiel upon meeting him, she eventually became an ally.

who is the Most Powerful Angel
Hannah was one of the numerous angels that fell to Earth as a result of Metatron’s curse, serving as second-in-command in Castiel’s group, which was formed to prevent Metatron and Gadreel from building a new Heaven. Although first attacking Castiel upon meeting him, she eventually became an ally.

6. Anna Milton

Anna Milton, once considered as Castiel and Uriel’s superior, was a higher rank angel of whom Castiel talked favourably. She got so enthralled with human emotions as an observer of mankind that she intentionally lost her grace in order to be reincarnated as a human.

Anna, who was reborn in 1985, was not found by the Winchesters until Castiel restored Dean from Hell. When she learned more about the impending Apocalypse, demons began to seek her out, forcing the Winchesters to defend her. Anna was killed by the archangel Michael after attempting to end the lives of John and Mary Winchester in order to retroactively delete Sam and Dean from existence and avert the apocalypse.

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7. Michael

Michael, the first angel, is the oldest archangel. After the Battle in Heaven, he was ordered by God to exile his younger brother Lucifer from Heaven, confining him in a cage for ages. Unlike Lucifer, Michael stayed obedient to God’s commands.
During a battle with his brother, Sam Winchester sacrificed himself in order to imprison the two inside Lucifer’s cage, which eventually took its toll on Michael’s mind. As the season 13 adversary, an alternate universe Michael appears who beat Lucifer and continues to ravage the planet. This resulted in a post-apocalyptic world in one of Supernatural’s most cringeworthy episodes. Michael demonstrated his dominance over his brother in the last season when he eventually destroyed Lucifer, however God afterwards murdered Michael.

8. Jack

When Lucifer took over President Jefferson Rooney’s body, he fathered a kid with Rooney’s girlfriend Kelly Kline. Many people thought Jack was an abomination until he was taken in by the Winchesters, who taught him how to handle his talents.

who is the Most Powerful Angel

He eventually left for the Apocalypse World, where he joined forces with Mary Winchester to fight the archangel Michael. After feeling his presence, the prophet Donatello mistook Jack for God, believing him to have an infinite supply of power. Although departing with his father for the most of Season 13, he would eventually prove to be good in nature, allowing Lucifer to take his grace.

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