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When Hope Calls Season 2 Is Cancelled | Know Why?

When Calls the Heart was released on 11 January 2014 and there are still many fans who still love this series to this date. There is something about the old classic TV series that still so many people love about this show. After the show got popular around the world, the creators decided to Spin off the name When Hope calls. 

The spin-off of the series was finally decided after 5 years of gap. During the gap, the fans were already loosening their hope but they knew somewhere the series would be renewed. The hope of the fans was somewhere pure enough to remake the series and finally When Hope calls come in. 

Now, the fans are wondering about the second season of When Hope Calls. The rumors are enough to make the people believe in the second season. You must be a fan of this series that has waited for a long time to watch the second season, right? 

In this article, We’ll be talking about the upcoming season 2 of When Hope calls and all the rumors about whether or not this series will happen or not? If you are someone who shares a great interest in this series then don’t miss any updates from this article. 

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When Hope Calls – A Complete Summary!

When Hope Calls

An American Television series that was initially released on 30 August 2019 after a long break of 5 years, the creator finally decided to make a spin-off of the original series. The fans of When Hope Calls are already aware that this series is actually a spin-off of When Calls the heart. The whole series is primarily based on the popular book series, Canadian West Book. The book is written by Janette Oke.

Moreover, the series was handed to Hallmark Movies, which is Hallmark Channel’s popular digital streaming platform. 

The family drama show which is created by Alfonso H. Moreno is something you should definitely watch with your family. The show has comedy and love that one should always want in his/her life. 

Talking about the series which revolves around Lillian and Grace. These two are the biological sisters who were left in the orphanage. Over time, Lillian, who was the older sister, got adopted by the good family whereas Grace remained in the orphanage. These two later reunite when they get old and the story starts. 

Now, after the first show ends with an unexpected ending, the audience was wondering whether there is much to hear about these two sisters. The first season of When hope calls ended after releasing 10 episodes which aren’t enough for the fans. 

When Hope Calls Season 2 – Confirmed or Not?

When Hope Calls

After the end of the first season, we saw that two sisters decided to open their own orphanage to help all the orphan people around them. They opened the orphanage at the place where their old parents used to live. But coming to reality, some of their neighbors weren’t happy to see an orphanage near their locality. 

The first season opens a lot of confusion in the minds of these two sisters about whether their decision to open an orphanage is really worth it. They even doubt their ability to handle the kids around the home. But later everything started to look for a good ending. 

While the audience wants to know more about the orphanage and the kids, the creator doesn’t. 

After the show ends in 2019, the creators haven’t said anything regarding the show. The audience is looking forward to season 2 but the show makers are hesitating to release a statement. 

Unfortunately, I don’t really think that the show has a bright future ahead. With no official statement so far, I don’t think that there are upcoming plans for this show.

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When Hope Calls Season 2 – Why did the show get Cancelled?

When Hope Calls 2

The first part, When Calls the heart received widespread appreciation and love from the audience. The people around the world loved the daily show for its amazing yet heart-touching story. All these things are enough to make the show popular among the people and it happened. 

With the popularity, the creator decided to remake a spin-off of the series after the 5 years of the gap. The time when the first season was released to the current situation is not the same. People have great shows to look for and the old classic doesn’t match with the taste of the kids. 

Also, the story of the spin-off wasn’t that great that will make people want to rewatch it. All these things made the show unlikely to watch for the audience. 

Now, the audience also criticized the show for not being up to the mark with the current scenario. That’s why the show never really announced renewal news. 

Officially, the show isn’t canceled yet and all these are raising hope but somewhere we all knew that it isn’t going to happen.

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What are the ratings of this show?

The ratings of the When Calls the Heart are something different than its spin-off. The spin-off, When Hope Calls was a pretty normal series. IMDb rated the show with an 8.1/10 rating. 

On the other hand, people’s opinion reads that the series is not that great. They had pretty high expectations with the show but it failed. Sometimes, it is okay to leave the show where it ended and don’t extend the seasons by making a boring story. The same happens with the Hope calls in too. The show failed to run on the expectations of the people. 

Moreover, the fans even criticized the show for being boring and not matching the story with today’s style.


When Hope Calls was a spin-off of the When Calls the heart, which is a popular old classic show. The spin-off was released in the year 2019 and it didn’t go as per the expectations of the people. The audience is still hoping for season 2 of this series but the future isn’t bright. The officials haven’t released anything regarding this topic so it is pretty hard to say anything. 

If there will be anything released regarding this series, I’ll make sure to update this article for you. Till then read more articles from our entertainment website, Honknews and enjoy 🙂



  1. I just got through watching “When Hope Calls – season 1 & am very sad to hear it may not be continued!! Of the 2 shows although I like both I am a much bigger fan of “When Hope Calls”!!!

  2. I absolutely love this show and I am waiting for season 234-5678 910 because that’s how great the show is spring on the seasons I love it


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