American Horror Story Season 10 – Confirmed Release Date And Cast

American Horror Story

Do you love watching your friends get scared? Are you someone who is obsessed with horror movies? Well If you are then there is no chance that you haven’t heard of an American horror story before. The popular Horror stories tales have been doing amazing over the past years. Fans are loving their small yet scary tales over the past years and this series has been updating us with the slime of the amazing stories from around the world. 

Well, I don’t know if you will believe in the stories or not but there is something you need to look at and that is the next season. After the end of season 9 of an American horror story, there has been an immense demand for the production and release of the 10 seasons. 

If you are one of those people who wants the tenth season of this American Horror series drama then Don’t worry. In this article, You are going to look for the series and their amazing series of dramas over the years. We will also discuss its latest upcoming season 10 in this article.

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American Horror Story – Know about it!

American Horror Story

The American Horror story is an American drama that revolves around the Scary and horror world of the world. The show was first created by Ryan Murphy who is already known for his horror movies and shows in the past. The show was available on FX for the audience. 

Till now, the show has released 9 seasons of this show and each of these shows dictates a different story. Now, many people will don’t get what this show actually is but let me clarify here. The American Horror story revolves around several horror casts and each episode of this story is kind of different from the other. Every new season brings a new story and there is no main lead in this show. In every episode, The lead is different. 

So far, the show has successfully released 9 seasons which consists of 103 episodes. The show has received much appreciation and good feedback from the people. Despite releasing so many episodes and seasons back to back, the show still manages to entertain the people.

American Horror Story Season 10 – Confirmed Or Not?

American Horror Story

After season 9 ended on November 13, 2019, many people thought that this series was the end. There were no official statements and the rumors circulated that season 9 was the finale. Then there was already a gap in 2020 and everybody was already convinced by now that they are not going to see the series again.

But these rumors were shut when the Officials announced the spin-off of this series. The American Horror story was finally announced as its season 10 by the show makers this year. Through an insider, it was also revealed that the creators were already confirmed for making the season 10 but after some time the corona hit the world and the production was stopped. That’s the reason why we haven’t seen season 10 of this American Horror story. 

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American Horror Story Season 10 – What will the Plotline?

American Horror Story

The Plotline of season 10 will remain the same as the original plot of the show. As I have already said, this show dictates different stories in different episodes of their season. The Official data also confirmed that the upcoming part will be called American Horror Story: Double Feature That will be released on FX. 

The fans of American Horror story have already waited one year long despite the show having a tradition to release the series every year. Initially, the series was decided to be released last year, 2020. But as the world gets infected with the deadly virus, the producers decided to stop the airing and postponed the release to the next year which is 2021.

The show will again take us to the horror story of this world with each time portraying the different stories.

Also, the main creator of this show, Ryan Murphy, recently updated his Instagram with a fresh post that captioned “fantastic four”. In the photo, Ryan was standing with McHale, Greetham, Melton, and Burnside. These four stars are the cast who will be going to be in the tenth season of American Horror Story.

American Horror Story Season 10 – When is it going to Release?

American horror story

Finally, the release date is here. Yes, the fans, who have already waited more than a year to have their favorite show on the television again can now keep their excitement more up. Recently, the officials have finally announced the confirmed release ade of their show. Earlier, the show was scheduled to release in 2020 but the unsuitable condition and not the right atmosphere made the creators postpone the date, 

Now, the officials are finally ready with the fresh and confirmed date and fans couldn’t keep calm. The release date of the American horror story season 10 is decided to be 25 August 2021. 

Not only this but the spin-off series has also got its brand new confirmed release date which is July 15, 2021. That means there is only a limited time left for the spin-off to happen.  

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American Horror Story Season 10 – Where is the Official Trailer?

American Horror Story season 10

Being a fan of American Horror story, you must be carving for the show, right? While you have to wait for this to happen. Many people are searching for the Official trailer of this series Online. When you search “American Horror Story Season 10 Official Trailer” you might get tons of it. 

But let me clarify to you straight forward that there is no official teaser or trailer of this show released yet. The trailer will be uploaded soon but all of the trailers you find online are just fan-made. Till I creators upload the Official trailer of this series for you, Just watch the season 9 trailer which is linked below.

What are the Ratings of this show?

The American Horror Story has received immense popularity over the years. The show has received good feedback and reviews from people. Let’s take a look at the ratings of this series now. The IMDb rating of this show is 8/10. The Rotten tomatoes of this show are 77% and has rated the show with 8.6/10. 

The audience has also applauded the show with great reviews by saying that the show is a “Must to watch” and “entertaining” for them. The show has managed to entertain the people for a long time. If you are someone who hasn’t watched the show yet you must consider it.


American Horror story is back with another season 10 and a spin-off for its latest release. The famous horror show is ready to release this fall. The release date of season 10 is confirmed to be on 25 August 2021. The show tells the story of the horror and scary lives of the people. Ryan Murphy, who is the creator of this show has already released the cast of this show to us and is excited to release the next season. 

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