West Virginia Democratic Gubernatorial Hopeful Calls for Voter Input on Abortion Legislation

Steve Williams, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor of West Virginia and the mayor of Huntington, wants the people of the state to decide whether or not abortion is legal in the state.

In the upcoming special session of the legislature, Williams is requesting that Governor Jim Justice (R-West Virginia) add a bill that would legalize abortion. The law would make it possible for voters to determine whether or not to legalize abortion through a ballot initiative in November, through the constitutional change that would allow for its legalization.

Legislators in the state said that they had already spoken for the people when they made the majority of abortions illegal. On the other hand, a significant number of Democrats argue that it would be more equitable to let the voters make the decision.

“The fact of the matter is, I think it is more healthy. It’s not anybody’s business for the legislature to step into a doctor’s office with a woman and her physician. And frankly, this is freedom, that’s being placed on the ballot,” said Huntington Mayor Steve Williams, (D) Candidate for WV Governor.

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“Every life is worthy. No matter the circumstances of their conception, or their birth, every life deserves the chance to live. The voters voted us in for a reason. They knew exactly where each of us stood,” said Del. Kathie Hess Crouse, (R) Putnam.

As of right now, Governor Justice has stated that the primary focus of the special session will be on providing financing for the division of the Department of Human Resources into three organizations. A bill that will assist more families with daycare is another thing that he wants Congress to enact.

As of this moment, the office of the governor has not provided a response to the potential ballot item regarding abortion.

There have been seven states, including Ohio, that have enacted ballot initiatives that protect reproductive rights rights. At least eleven additional states are still contemplating holding a referendum on the issue later on in this year.

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