Mother Arrested after Daughter Found Dead in Emaciated State in Bathroom in West Virginia

Morrisvale, WV: A West Virginia mother was arrested by authorities after the emaciated corpse of her daughter was discovered in the bathroom of their residence.

The mother, identified as Julie A. Miller was taken into custody after her 14-year-old daughter’s corpse was found in a harrowing situation. This incident has shocked the community.

According to officers, the body was found in the bathroom and in a severely malnourished state.

This heartbreaking event has brought attention to the severe outcomes of negligence and the pressing requirement for knowledge and assistance concerning mental health and eating disorders.

Authorities were notified of a disturbing incident in Morrisvale, West Virginia, on Wednesday morning.

Startling revelations came to light as the investigation progressed, shedding light on the severe mistreatment suffered by the young girl. According to court documents, Julie Miller’s family members alerted law enforcement about her struggle with an eating disorder and prolonged period of starvation before her death.

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The criminal complaint obtained by CBS News detailed the girl’s physical state, highlighting her inability to function independently for almost a week due to her worsening condition.

Tragically, the girl’s “clear and distinct physical problems” had continued for at least four years.

This discovery highlighted Julie A. Miller’s failure to seek the essential care and support for her daughter’s crippling condition, which ultimately led to her death.

According to sources, the girl had a typical childhood, having barely gone outside twice in four years and not attending school since 2019 or 2020.

Miller was charged with child neglect that resulted in death and jailed on a $250,000 bond.