Vampire in the Garden Season 2: Will the Journey to Find Eden Continues?

The Blood-thirsty vampires are amongst the paranormal world’s greatest interesting entities. The never-die, blood-thirst, every time young sort of creatures who don’t quite fit in with humans. The thirst for human blood usually leads to a fight between their vampires and humans, so believe us when we say it’s horrific.

This theme is now prevalent not only in live-action films but also in anime. Vampire in the Garden is the latest addition to the genre. The show is directed by Ryoutarou Makihara and Hiroyuki Tanaka and is place several years ever since a conflict between humans and vampires ended in peace.

The show starts with us meeting Momo, a young girl who seems to be sick of the human-vampire battle and would prefer peaceful cooperation. Momo encounters the vampire queen called Fine in a momentous incident, and indeed both of them begin on a trip in quest of such a paradise where they might live together peacefully but without war.

On May 16, 2022, Netflix premiered the very first season of the series. Ever since this topic about whether or not there may be another season has emerged. So here is all we know regarding Season 2 of Vampire in the Garden.

Vampire in the Garden: When Is the Second Season Releasing?

Vampire In The Garden 1

The anime has yet to be renewed by Netflix. However, we believe the show’s prospects of returning for a season 2 remain slim. The very first season came to a close with a few mysteries. Usually, the show might keep some arcs unfinished as well as finish on a cliffhanger to indicate that the story could be continued. Unfortunately, Vampire in the Garden was not one of them.

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But even though, fans are demanding the show to continue with season 2. The first season of the Vampire in the Garden only wrapped up a few weeks ago. This didn’t take too long for fans to begin to wonder how and when the new season would air.

We may assume that no construction on the path will take place this season since no public announcement has been published. If it is renewed, the production of the entire season will take time, and it will most likely premiere either in the first or second half of 2023.

Vampire in the Garden: What Will Happen in Season 2?

Vampire In The Garden plot

The storyline talks about how a brief encounter between a normal human and a vampire could transform the world. The show Vampire in the Garden is an anime created by WIT STUDIO and a group of creative creators. Mankind got defeated in its fight with vampires, and along with that, almost all of their homes, in one freezing winter.

Then the little group of survivors who were left, built a wall of light inside a small village to shield them and provide them with a peaceful environment. Momo, the human, leads a restricted existence yet aspires to live together in peace with the vampires, the enemies.

Fine, a vampire queen, previously had feelings for humanity and then vanished from the battlefield. These two have one crucial encounter as battle rages across the humans’ village.

Vampire In The Garden plot

Fine and Momo had to learn how to survive through the season’s end of Vampire in the Garden due to their desire of finding Eden, a paradise wherein vampires and humans could coexist without bloodshed. With her political advantage, General Nobara attempted to drag Momo over to that same Central and accuse her of being a traitor.

Allegro persisted in attempting to resurrect Fine and in seeing Fine struggle for their species. However, nothing went according to plan. Fine dies while helping Momo, and Nobara is unable to bring her back.

Fans appear to be making a lot of predictions for the new season’s storyline. Fine was saved by Momo because she offered her blood to help Fine survive. This pleases a lot of people because we saw Momo holding Fine’s body at the end, so it could lead to that.

These are still only rumors, as there has been no official confirmation of the show’s renewal. But we’d indeed like to see Fine and Momo together once more.

Vampire in the Garden: Who Will Be Seen in the Cast Again?

Vampire In The Garden cast

The fantastic characters and outstanding voice actors carry the anime Vampire in the Garden. First, we have Momo, the series’s protagonist, who is voiced by Megumi Han. In such a universe where people and vampires are all in conflict, Momo seems to be a rookie soldier.

Whereas the battle is wreaking havoc on life, she meets the Queen of Vampires, and thus the two start on a trip to find calmness.

Fine, who is voiced by Yū Kobayashi, is our second key character. A Vampire Queen that despises her duty as Queen but also wishes for the conflict to cease. Aria, the human love of her life, was killed in the war, and she sometimes desires to die.

When Fine meets a young human girl Momo who looks like Aria, she nurtures her budding passion for music and begins to live anew.

Allegro is Fine’s longtime friend and devoted servant, and he is voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi. He loathes humans since he understands that a human-caused Fine’s misery, and he tries all he can to make her feel good and return her whenever she departs.

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Rika Fukami portrays Nobara, Momo’s mother as well as the human army’s General. She had demonstrated that she loves Momo but values her status as General above motherhood, eventually going so far as to accuse Momo of treason that would further her political aims.

Then there’s Kubo, who is voiced by Hiroki Tōchi and is Nobara’s brother and Momo’s uncle. He is also an army General who favors combat over politics and fights with a katana.

Kubo’s hate for vampires stems from the fact that the lady he loved got changed into a vampire, forcing him to execute her. He adores Momo and thinks Nobara is a terrible mother to her.


As the series is yet to be renewed by Netflix, so, unfortunately, there is no update on the trailer of Vampire in the Garden Season 2. So, for now, let’s watch the first season trailer and enjoy this beautiful anime.