Spriggan: What Does the New Netflix Original Anime Hold for Us?

It has been a few years since Netflix announced that Spriggan would be adapted into an anime series. Finally can officially announce that Spriggan season 1 will premiere on Netflix in 2022, after an extraordinarily big long wait.

Spriggan is indeed a planned Netflix Original Japanese sci-fi anime show based on Hiroshi Takashige‘s manga and illustrated by Ryji Minagawa. This manga lasted for 11 volumes and was initially published in Weekly Shōnen Sunday from February 1989, then again in Shōnen Sunday from 1992 to 1996. Viz Media first licensed the manga in North America under the name Striker, it was serialized in Manga Vizion but only 3 volumes got published in the late 1990s. In 2022, Seven Seas Entertainment licensed this manga under its original title.

The one and only prior film production of the Spriggan manga was a feature-length movie made by Studio 4°C in September 1998. And, now David Production is producing the latest version, which will be helmed by Hiroshi Kobayashi, who originally settled the Kiznaiver anime.

Here’s all we know about Netflix’s Spriggan season 1 thus far.

Spriggan: When Is the Anime Coming?

Spriggan 1

Netflix has announced that an amazing anime adaptation of the Spriggan manga seems to be in production. With adds to the revelation that such an anime will be developed. Netflix has made significant photographs and other content available. Netflix also released a new teaser video for its forthcoming anime Spriggan, as well as a revised premiere date of 2022, confirming yet again another postponement for the series.

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The launch date for Netflix’s Spriggan was initially set for 2021, but it was postponed due to COVID. The highly anticipated Spriggan 2022 series will now air on June 18, 2022.

Spriggan: What Will Be the Storyline of the Anime?

Spriggan plot

Spriggan is set in the final years of said Cold War, when strange and unidentified artifacts known as out-of-place artifacts (OOPArt) have been found in various regions of the globe, sparking a shadow war among different forces and the ARCAM Corporation, which has taken on the role of guardian of the OOPArts in an effort to stop them that are used as weapons.

A long time ago, an ancient civilization governed the Earth, but it was eventually destroyed. They reveal well how to wield the strong creations they employed in texts left for future generations to uncover. Different factions start their hunt for mysterious relics to employ against their adversaries. Both the ARCAM Corporation and its elite squadron of troops called Spriggans standing in the way.

The characters keep a close eye just on the globe as Spriggans. Their job is to do everything they could to prevent the extinction of their world. Alien invaders with nefarious plans.

Spriggan plot 2

It appears to be on a quest to obtain powerful weapons, which would have been disastrous if it succeeded. It is indeed conceivable that everything will perish. These remains of the long-ago extraterrestrial society possess great abilities on Earth. These Sprrigan operatives of ARCAM are all in charge of ensuring it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

You’ll be enthralled by the animations! The breathtaking 3D fight scenes in the trailer are a glimpse of how thrilling the original series will be. Ominae is indeed a senior in high school who also happened to become a Spriggan. A member of the ARCAM Corporation was recently appointed.

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To protect and preserve cultural artifacts from such a previous human culture. It would be in the control of nations and organizations. They will keep a close eye on them since they intend to be using them incorrectly.

Spriggan: Who Are Coming to the Anime?

Spriggan cast

Chiaki Kobayashi, who already has previously appeared in the anime Great Pretender and Vinland Saga, will play Yuu Ominae. Jean Jacquemondo, who appeared in Seven Deadly Sins, will be voicing  Youhei Azakami. Director Yamamoto is voiced by Kenji Hamada, who may be seen in the anime One Piece. Colonel MacDougall is played by Ayumu Murase, who also appeared in Haikyu!!

Yoshimasa Hosoya, Ken Narita, and Mariya Ise are the remaining cast members, portraying Iwao Akatsuki, Kouichi Moroha, and Yoshino Somei, respectively.

Who Are Involved in Production?

Spriggan 2

Spriggan is from David Productions, a studio that brought us the classic anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and more recently anime like Fire Force and Cells at Work! The anime, that had been planned for a 2019 release, was among the captives of the epidemic, which caused production delays. Hiroshi Kobayashi worked in Kill la Kill, directed the anime, and Hiroshi Seko wrote the anime’s script, they also worked in Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen. This manga’s most recent adaptation was a Studio 4°C anime feature directed by Ghost in the Shell‘s Hirotsugu Kawasaki and overseen by Akira director Katsuhiro Otomo in 1998.


The anime trailer is out and in just under 60 seconds, the teaser video succeeds to contain an incredible amount of ultimate action filled with the beautiful animation and a hint of outstanding plot. It begins calmly enough, with the main character facing up against a villain who has the element of fire.

The teaser also showed how the anime is based on the same book, which has sold almost 10 million copies, according to wording that runs across the screen.

Then the soundtrack swings into full force with actors parkouring up the walls, escaping a storm of bullets pouring down on them, and demonstrating the power of “ARCAM’s armored muscle suit.” The trailer truly comprehends the need to watch this Netflix remake of action and fantasy-filled anime. So, as we wait for the anime to come (which is really soon), let’s enjoy this amazing trailer of Spriggan.

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