UPS To Fire Employees Due To Less Package Volume; Say Layoffs Not Related to Unionization Attempts

UPS has disclosed that it will begin laying off employees at its Centennial Ground Hub in Louisville in February. UPS has made it clear that these employment cuts are unrelated to unionization attempts.

As the company’s ground package hub closest to its Worldport global air hub at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, the Centennial Ground Hub is essential to UPS operations.

UPS blamed the reduction in package volume within their network for the layoffs. The “Day sort” at the hub will end on February 16; however, the “Twilight sort” will continue as usual.

A UPS representative underlined the significance of aligning labor force size with package volume within the sector, taking into account the possible effects on workers and their families. Although the precise number of employees to be let go was not disclosed, the corporation did say that some would have the chance to move into different positions.

There is little effect on drivers from this decision; instead, it mostly affects management, administrative staff, and part-time sorters. UPS made it clear that the current round of layoffs is not the consequence of unionization attempts, but rather is classified as “operational.”

To adjust to shifting consumer demand, the company also said that it has discontinued sorting activities at a few other facilities across the country.