Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office Issued Evacuation Warnings for Rio Del Mar & Pajaro Dunes

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office issued evacuation warnings for certain areas. These warnings are in effect starting right now, urging residents in the identified areas to be prepared to leave should an evacuation order be issued. Forecasts indicating significant high tides and surf during the night have prompted the officials to take this step.

The Rio Del Mar region (CTL-E048) and Pajaro Dunes (CRZ-E070) are among the zones covered by the evacuation warning. Residents dwelling in these zones are strongly advised to keep cautious and make appropriate preparations for a potential evacuation. If they feel uncomfortable, they should plan to stay somewhere else right away.

There is a warning to citizens not to go near the coast during this time because of the continuing coastal risks into Saturday early. Caution is necessary due to the possible risks posed by high tides and big waves during the night. If you live in one of the affected areas, you might want to think about moving throughout the morning until the risk has passed.

Authorities in Santa Cruz County stress that it’s critical to follow evacuation orders and take preventative action to keep locals safe. During this time of elevated coastal risk, pay attention to official communications for updates and heed safety advice.