Transgender Woman Shot Dead; Killer Pleads Guilty in Court during Ongoing Trial in Milwaukee

A man from Milwaukee admitted to killing a transgender woman in 2022. He pleaded guilty on Tuesday, May 28.

Brock Hubbird was charged with first-degree reckless murder in the death of Regina “Mya” Allen, 35. He agreed to a plea deal with authorities, which means he won’t have to go to trial on Tuesday as planned.

Hubbird had already said he wasn’t guilty in the case. He is going to get his punishment in July.

Near 26th and Wells in August 2022, Allen was shot and died. A friend told FOX6 that she would have been 36 years old that September.

Police said Hubbird went to a gas station off of 19th and National that day, and surveillance video showed him and Allen having a short chat. Police said that Hubbird finally got into his Chevrolet Tahoe and Allen sat in the passenger seat.

When Hubbird and Allen got to her flat near 26th and Wells, things changed. Someone saw two people arguing in a black SUV, heard a gunshot, and Allen screamed, “I’m shot!” to the cops. Allen made the call.

Police say Allen told an officer before she died that she met the man who shot her at a gas station. The man drove a Chevy Tahoe.

The crime was linked to Hubbird by a security video from the gas store, a witness, and police checking the Tahoe’s license plate.

The next day, the SUV was found in Wauwatosa. Prosecutors said that someone at the house where the SUV was found knew it belonged to Hubbird. Hubbird’s bedroom was searched and found to have gun and ammo magazines.

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