Top 10 Global Risks for 2024

In 2024, the world is facing a variety of global risks. These risks are diverse, encompassing environmental, geopolitical, economic, societal, and technological challenges. Here’s an overview of the top 10 global risks for 2024:

  1. Extreme Weather: Ranked as the top risk by 66% of respondents in a World Economic Forum survey. Concerns about irreversible climate changes are heightened, with potential impacts on food systems and infrastructure​​.
  2. Misinformation and Disinformation: Identified as a significant threat that could undermine trust and deepen political divides, as well as disrupt global elections​​.
  3. Societal Polarization: Exacerbated by economic hardship and lack of economic opportunity, posing a risk to the global economy​​.
  4. Cost-of-Living Crisis: A societal issue that impacts the global economy, affecting a significant portion of the population​​.
  5. Cyberattacks: A technological risk with the potential to disrupt critical infrastructure and data security​​.
  6. Economic Downturn: A concern due to various factors, including geopolitical tensions and internal economic policies​​​​.
  7. Disrupted Supply Chains: For critical goods, resources, and food, causing economic challenges on a global scale​​.
  8. Escalation or Outbreak of Interstate Armed Conflict(s): Geopolitical tensions continue to be a concern, especially in areas like the Middle East and Ukraine​​​​.
  9. The Fight for Critical Minerals: As the world transitions away from fossil fuels, competition for critical minerals necessary for new technologies becomes a geopolitical and economic concern​​.
  10. No China Recovery: The lack of significant economic recovery in China due to political choices emphasizing national security and political stability over economic growth​​.

Additional Significant Risks:

  • Trump 2.0: The possibility of Donald Trump’s re-election in 2024 poses risks to U.S. democracy and international stability. His policies could include revoking U.S. climate pledges, ending aid to Ukraine, and renegotiating international agreements​​.
  • Stalemate in Ukraine: Continuation of the war in Ukraine without significant breakthroughs, leading to further geopolitical instability​​.

These risks highlight the complexity and interconnectedness of challenges facing the world in 2024. Addressing these risks requires global cooperation and a multifaceted approach.