Toddler Died after Licking Spoon that Grandma Used for Drugs, Pleaded Guilty in Michigan Court

A grandmother admitted she made a terrible mistake when she let her grandkids use a spoon she used for drugs, which killed a 14-month-old girl.

On Thursday, May 16, in Muskegon County Circuit Court, Latisha M. Jones was given a minimum sentence of 30 months in jail for manslaughter.

The case began on October 22, 2023, while Jones was in Muskegon taking care of her three grandkids at the home of her daughter.

“People say there’s no victims in drug cases,” Farrell said. “There’s a victim in every drug case – this being the most extreme.”

“I don’t blame anyone in this situation except the defendant,” she added.

Jones, reading from a letter, said she was sorry for her granddaughter’s death and talked about how her 27-year drug abuse had ruined most of her life. She told her grandkids, “I love them with all my heart.” “I did something terrible that hurts me deeply.”

Judge Annette Smedley agreed with what Jones said. The judge told Jones that she knows she didn’t mean to leave drugs out for the baby to get.

The grandfather told the granddaughter, “I have no doubt that you love your grandchildren and you didn’t mean for this to happen.”

Jones got credit for the 198 days he had already spent and was told to pay $3,700 to cover the funeral costs as part of his apology.

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