Young Girl faced Sexual Molestation and Abuse Several Times in Chicago, Perpetrator Arrested after Victim test positive for STDs

A man from Hammond is being charged with sexual assault because he allegedly did it several times to a preteen girl and then told cops she was lying.

At age 29, Deshawn Emerson could get up to 92 years in prison. Two counts of Level 1 child molesting and one count of Level 4 child molesting were brought against him on Tuesday.

He hasn’t been caught yet, so he is being held without bail.

On September 2, 2022, Hammond police went to the Community Hospital in Munster. The child told a friend at school about the sexual abuse in a note. According to the statement, the attacks most likely took place between April and September 2022.

This person said that Emerson made her do a sexual act in July 2022. Afterward, she said that the abuse had begun “several times” before that.

She said he sexually attacked her in other situations. Emerson denied the claims, saying the girl was lying because she was mad that he got his lover pregnant.

He said the kid was “clingy.” Emerson told the police that he was going to take a polygraph test. The results were not clear-cut. He also gave a DNA sample.

Police were told by another child that the victim would sit on his lap while they watched movies. In one case where the girl said Emerson raped her in the attic, the witness said he and the child were home alone for 30 minutes.

Based on court records, the victim was later found to have a sexually transmitted disease. Based on the affidavit, Emerson does not have any findings.

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