This Utah City Ranked as the Most Affordable City in the Western U.S.

Despite the fact that the escalating cost of living is causing hardship for millions of people throughout the nation, there are still some reasonably priced destinations where individuals can unwind. It is believed that one Utah city is among the most affordable.

This year, the MarketWatch Guides Team conducted an analysis of the affordability of cities throughout the United States. It was discovered that Ogden is the only city in the top 30 overall cost of living and the most affordable in the Western United States.

The cost of living in 223 of the largest communities in the United States was ranked according to income, housing, transportation, and other variables in this study. This study positioned Ogden as the eighteenth most economically viable city across the entire nation.

The study identified the following: a median home price of $368,000, an unemployment rate of 2.7%, and a median family income of $76,037.

In terms of rental costs, Ogden ranks among a mere 22 municipalities where the mean rent is below $1,000. According to data from Zillow as of May 2023, the mean rental price in Ogden was $944. Additionally, Ogden had the most affordable grocery prices among the cities on the list, 17.9% below the national average.

In 2023, Green Bay, Wisconsin ranks as the most economically viable city across the nation. The cost of groceries is 15% lower than the national average, while the median monthly rent stands at $870.

From $1,469 per month five years ago, rent in the United States has increased by nearly 36%, to nearly $2,000 per month today, according to the study.