This City of Pennsylvania Can Be Very Dangerous for You to Live In

The crime index indicates the number of reported offenses per 1,000 residents of a given neighborhood or city. A region’s crime rate may increase or decrease in proportion to its size. Automobile larceny, property crime, and violent crime are all factors that contribute to the ranking. Near Pittsburgh, across the state, is the most hazardous city in Pennsylvania, according to the crime index. There is a widespread belief that Philadelphia, or one of its environs, is the most perilous municipality in Pennsylvania.

For many years, McKees Rocks has been regarded as the most perilous municipality in Pennsylvania. Continue reading to discover more about the municipality and the perils of residing in the most perilous locality in Pennsylvania.

History of McKees Rocks

Initially, Native American tribes spent the majority of their time in McKees Rocks. Indeed, the Adena Culture constructed a cemetery-like earthwork monument in McKees Rocks. It remains the state’s largest Native American monument. Later, individuals of the Hopewell culture augmented and interred at the Adena monument. Archaeologists unearthed the remains of 33 individuals during their excavation at the location.

During the mid-17th century, merchants and travelers were the initial inhabitants of the town. Decades later, the local populace developed an interest in iron and steel mining. The municipality experienced its greatest population growth in the early 1900s. By 1940, the population had increased to just over 17,000 individuals. Presently, the municipality has a population of approximately 6,000 individuals.

The gruesome past of McKees Rock demonstrates how violent and neglected the area is at present. During the 1920s, individuals residing in the vicinity as well as law enforcement personnel discovered dismembered remains or complete corpses in the woods.

In 1940, employees of the train terminal in McKees Rocks discovered the severed heads of three individuals. Some individuals believe that the random murders that occurred in the early 1900s were connected to concurrent crimes in Cleveland, but police have never identified a suspect or evidence linking the two.

Rate of Crime in McKees Rocks

Anomalously, McKees Rocks has an exceptionally high prevalence of criminal activity. This town, alternatively referred to as “The Rocks,” consistently ranks highest on the list of the most perilous locations in Pennsylvania for this reason.

According to data from 2022, the region experienced 106 violent offenses per 1,000 inhabitants. This amounts to 18% in terms of the crime rate. Much more property crime occurs in The Rocks. The locality exhibits a crime rate of 44.92%, calculated from 262 property offenses per 1,000 inhabitants. The Rocks, according to Neighborhood Scouts, is a mere 1% safer than other regions across the United States. McKees Rocks East and municipality Center are the most hazardous areas of the municipality.

One in every 196 individuals in Pennsylvania is at risk of becoming a victim of a serious crime. That frightening one-in-55 probability increases in McKees Rocks. Furthermore, this significantly exceeds the national average. The astounding rate of severe crime in McKees Rocks is 18 per 1,000 residents, whereas the national average is only four.

When only square mileage is considered, 329 crimes have been reported per square mile. When comparing the two, Pennsylvania, a state of greater size, has only documented 46 crimes per square mile, whereas the national average is approximately 27 crimes per square mile. Although the community comprises less than 1% of Allegheny County’s total population, it is the site of 10% of all murders.

Rate of Poverty in McKees Rocks

Despite having a reduced cost of living in comparison to the majority of the nation, McKees Rocks continues to experience population decline due to job insufficiency and an increase in crime. The population of McKees Rocks is rapidly declining and the municipality has not been experiencing any growth, so it appears that the area will soon be deserted.

In McKees Rocks, the poverty rate is significantly higher than in the state and the nation as a whole. According to the most recent tally, 12.1% of Pennsylvanians are living in poverty. The national average is approximately 11.6%. Approximately one thousand individuals reside in The Rocks; however, 30.7% of this population is impoverished.

To wrap up

The history of McKees Rocks, the most perilous city in Pennsylvania, begins in the eighteenth century, during which Native American tribes inhabited the area. The municipality exhibits a notable crime rate, comprising 44.92% property crimes and 18% violent crimes per 1,000 inhabitants. McKees Rocks is merely 1% safer than other regions in the United States, according to the crime index. At 12.1%, the town’s poverty rate is greater than that of the majority of the United States; 12.1% of Pennsylvanians are living in poverty. According to the crime index, the town is experiencing a decline in population as a result of employment insecurity and escalating criminal activity.