This Sushi Restaurant Is The Best For Intimate Dining in Florida

Imagine entering this restaurant and being instantly transported to a speakeasy paradise from the 1920s! We have such a spot for you if you enjoy a tailored meal from beginning to end, excellent, fresh sushi, and cozy dining. You really have to see Sushi by Bou in person to believe it—the restaurant in Boca Raton. With just 12 seats available at a time, this hidden speakeasy-style omakase is as exciting, private, and intimate as it gets.

Sushi In The Omakase Style

If you’re not acquainted, an omakase is a Japanese way of saying “I’ll leave it up to you” while placing an order at a restaurant. These days, an omakase is typically used to refer to a chef-prepared supper consisting of a rotating selection of courses, depending on the chef and the available cuisine.

Sushi by Bou is an omakase sushi concept that has locations across the nation, including West Palm Beach, that you may already be familiar with.

Cozy Place and Tasty Meals

The sushi bar with only 12 seats! Yes, it’s true. The limited number of dining spaces makes it especially coveted. It’s a vision in shades of deep blue, with a gorgeous centerpiece of bejeweled fish and crystal chandeliers.
Using only the freshest, in-season ingredients, the skilled chefs create a specially designed tasting experience that features some of the world’s most delicious sushi.

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Whats on the Menu?

There are two meal options available to you: an enhanced 17-course omakase or a 12-piece omakase. It must rely on your level of hunger and available time.

This Sushi Restaurant Is The Best For Intimate Dining in Florida

Hamachi (yellowtail); Botan Ebi (spotted prawn); Ikura (salmon roe); Hotate (scallop); O-Toro (fatty tuna); Unagi (bbq eel) and
Signature Wagyuni (surf and turf) are the dish served regularly here in this sushi paradise.

Aim to arrive early or stay a little while longer to savor the well-chosen selection of artisan beverages. Their skilled selection will nicely compliment your omakase experience, elevating each delicious mouthful as you go.

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A modest 12-seat bar awaits you at their new Palm Beach Gardens location, so prepare for an intimate omakase adventure. Excitingly, every Sushi by Boū location has a distinct atmosphere and appearance, guaranteeing each visitor a unique experience.