This Steakhouse Serves The Best Steak In Florida

Steak! Who doesn’t love steak? I believe that every American loves steak. The soft texture… Yum! Here, I brought to you the most unique steakhouse not only in Florida but also in America. The Sunshine State not only has the best beaches in the United States, but it also boasts very diverse culinary kitchens in the country. Tourists, locals, and everyone who visits there can experience the mouthwatering delicacies that the state offers.

The Best Steakhouse That Pulls Customers

Kres Chophouse in Downtown Orlando is the perfect place if you want to enjoy a steak that dissolves like air in your mouth giving you a burst of softness and flavors. Constructed in 1935, the Kress building was initially a part of the S.H. Kress chain of five-and-dime stores.

The exquisite Kres Chophouse is located in this famous structure today. The interior welcomes you with a contemporary steakhouse design that features plenty of red tones. The dark lighting in the restaurant just heightens the atmosphere.

What So Unique?

Everyone nowadays is vegan. If you are vegan. Then you can also enjoy steak at Kres. Yes! you heard it right. Designed specifically for plant-based diners to enjoy a meal with their meat-loving pals, this steakhouse boasts an incredible vegan cuisine.


If you are visiting there, begin with the house-made bread and butter, which is a cornerstone of any steakhouse. The vegan butter option is just wow. Taste it and you can feel the delights. With every crack and crevice, the vegan butter melted into the warm, fluffy bread.

Savvy Delights on The Menu

Many diners provide an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert on a prix-fixe menu, and Kres Chophouse did just that. All the dishes served here can be labeled star of the day. Delicacies that you cannot think to be vegan can be found here. Especially the vegan Wellington. It is more than just a puffed pastry.

A black bean seitan loaf made in-house at Kres Chophouse pairs well with puff pastry, port shallot, walnut mushroom duxelles, and sweet potato mash. The strawberry ice cream sundae and the brookie sundae are the two sweet treat selections available on the dessert menu. A cross between a brownie and an Oreo, the brookie was one of the richest, creamiest, and softest sweets.


There are many steakhouses in Florida. But no one matches the hype of Kres. Visit there and enjoy the delicacies. The steakhouse will make you forget any other steakhouse in the States.