This Steakhouse Serves The Best Steak In California

California boasts diverse culinary delicacies. Despite the range of cuisines, one thing is the best and is everywhere. Meat! Steak is the ultimate American food that every American loves. The Golden State famous for its beaches is the ultimate destination for meat lovers as well. Here, I have brought to you the ultimate steakhouse in the California state that serves heavenly steaks.

The Best Steakhouse That Attracts Customers

The Hitching Post in Casmalia is the perfect spot for meat lovers. The steak served here is the best in class. Here, pioneers perfected California-style barbecue, elevating premium, aged meat to the pinnacle of gourmet flavor and softness. The Hitching Post was listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 10 BBQ Restaurants in the United States.

The 100-year-old building’s aged walls are filled with memories that evoke a sense of Western nostalgia in romantics who want to unwind and swap the stresses of the fast-paced modern world for an evening of gracious Old West hospitality.

The Diversity on the Table

The Hitching Post uses its famous indoor barbecue pit and cooks everything using local red oak wood. The wood itself gives an aroma to the food. The Artichoke served here is the star of the place. Try it yourself and you’ll know why it’s the most sought-after and popular appetizer.

The Ribeye steak is another delicacy on the table. The meat is slowly cooked and is filled with the juice that will take your soul on a journey that you may have never taken before. Linguica is another palatable dish. Filled with seasoning and flavours this will take you on a spongy ride.

This Steakhouse Serves The Best Steak In California

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Other delicacies served on the table are Fresh Asparagus grilled and seasoned; Shrimp skewers with grilled veggies; Baby Back Pork Ribs; Texas Bob White Quail and sweet and simple buttered mushrooms. California Natural Chicken Breast is the ultimate dish that you can order to taste the culinary perfection that this place offers.

The place also serves wine that goes best with the steak. You have a great deal of options to choose from. Moscato, Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah and Zinfandel Cline are some of the best.

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Casmalia is a charming western village minutes from the center of Santa Maria. It is home to one of the most real Santa Maria-style barbecue restaurants you’ll find. So, hop in your car and pull over at The Hitching Post. Enjoy the meat that just feels like air.