This Pennsylvania City Has Been Named the Fastest Shrinking City in the State

There is a lot of history and culture in Pennsylvania, but not all of its cities are doing well. The most recent population statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that an alarming number of people are leaving one city. That place is McKeesport, which is in Allegheny County and close to Pittsburgh.

McKeesport’s population is going down

In the past, McKeesport was a busy industry city known for its coal mines and steel mills. In 1940, it had more than 55,000 people living in it at its busiest. But as the steel industry went downhill and the mines shut down, McKeesport’s economy got worse, and crime, poverty, and unemployment rose. A lot of people who lived in the city left to find better chances in other places.

The 2020 census found that McKeesport had a population of only 17,731 people, 26.8% less than it did in 2000. It is the fastest-shrinking city in Pennsylvania out of the 100 biggest towns in the state. More than two-thirds of the people who lived in McKeesport in 1940 have left since then.

The Problems and Chances in McKeesport

As McKeesport’s population drops, it faces many problems, such as keeping up with the needs of its surviving residents in terms of housing, public services, and quality of life. The city also has to deal with environmental problems like floods, pollution, and buildings that have been left empty. Also, 32.5% of people in McKeesport are poor, which is higher than the 12.5% average for the state. The median family income is only $28,750, which is lower than the average of $61,744 for the state.

McKeesport does, however, have some chances to grow and get better. Along the Monongahela River, the city is in a good spot because it’s close to Pittsburgh and other places. The city also has a lot of history and culture, with museums, events, historic sites, and a diverse population.

McKeesport also has some resources and projects that aim to make the business, education, health, and environment better. In the city, you can find the Penn State Greater Allegheny campus, the McKeesport Hospital Foundation, the McKeesport Collaborative, and the McKeesport Rising Project, among other things.

In conclusion

Due to the loss of its industrial base and the social and economic problems that came with it, McKeesport has been losing a lot of people for decades. There aren’t many towns in the country that are shrinking faster than this one. It’s in Pennsylvania. But McKeesport is not a case that can’t be solved. The city has some strengths and tools that can help it deal with its problems and make the future better for the people who live there. McKeesport is a city that needs help, funding, and new ideas to stop falling apart and get back on its feet.