This Family-Owned Bakery Cafe Serves The Best Biscuits And Gravy In Nebraska And Is Running For Over 80 Years

Although this may seem a little odd to you, have you ever considered how amazing biscuits and gravy are for breakfast? Think about the homemade biscuits for a moment—they were fluffy and crunchy on the exterior, and the gravy was oh-so-creamy and peppery. It’s a gastronomic marvel that enthralls a lot of people.

Let me introduce you to Nite Hawkes Cafe in Omaha, Nebraska, if you want the perfect breakfast combination. There’s a real alchemy in biscuits and gravy that makes it worthy of celebration.

Genuine Magic

This quaint, family-run restaurant is well known for producing some of Omaha’s most delicious biscuits and gravy, along with a wide selection of hearty, country fare. Located at the intersection of 16th and Carter Blvd., Nite Hawkes Cafe is a prominent landmark in Omaha, having been proudly family-owned since its opening in 1942.

With a four-generation tradition to their name, the Hawkes family takes great pride in serving you and your loved ones delectable homestyle meals.

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The Signature Breakfast Dish

The steaming hot biscuits and sausage gravy are one of this cafe’s staple and signature breakfast items. For those who are sufficiently hungry, this hometown favorite is available in single or double orders. Alternatively, you may get The Stacker, which is a dish of biscuits topped with two eggs, sausage gravy, and handmade hash browns.

The grilled cheese sandwich with meat, tomatoes, and French dressing—known as the “Dan Special”—is still served there. This dish has a long history that dates back to the times when the bakery started serving delicacies. And it’s not just biscuits and gravy around here. Breakfast staples including omelets, pancakes, steak and eggs, and more are sure to please.

The Diversity In The Menu

The bakery serves breakfast that includes classics such as club steak and eggs; bacon and eggs. The Hometown Favorites section has ‘egg and cheese croissant with ham, bacon or sausage.’ The Country Fried Steak and The Philly Steak are the best omelets served here. The Stacker and The Scrambler are the Local Favourite. You can also get Texas-style French Toast and a smiley face pancake.

The other star of the cafe is Pork Tendermelt. The dish is aptly named as the meat is so soft that it dissolves like butter in mouth. Malibu Chicken and breaded pork cutlets are also worth trying.

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Nite Hawkes Cafe is the oldest restaurant in North Omaha to still be in business. The dishes served here are a testament to the legacy of this bakery cafe. The next time you’re in the mood for a hearty, homemade country breakfast that will fuel you for the day, stop by Nite Hawks Cafe in Omaha, pull up a chair, and enjoy this historic gem that pays homage to a laid-back, nostalgic diner vibe.