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Netflix’s Squid Game Will Ruin Your Childhood Memories With Fear

Squid Game

Besides Korean spicy Ramen and their super amazing bibimbap, what I truly love about the country is their dramas (no I am not forgetting the K-pop songs). The South Korean country is getting popular day by day because of their K-pop Idols and the super romantic dramas which make even the non-singles feel like they are in love. Recently, I saw the trailer of Squid Game on Netflix and instantly got hooked on its story. 

The first thing that I love about these Korean shows is their Suspense which keeps my interest throughout the end. For many of you who don’t know me, I love suspense dramas because they are unpredictable and surprising with their uncertainty. Even it greatly impacts the story in a positive way. 

After watching the official trailer, I found a great interest in the series because it was great and didn’t help me to understand a single thing. With all the suspense in the trailer, I dug more about the web series and found a lot of information that I will disclose here with you. 

If you are also a  big fan of Korean dramas and love their story then this would be a pleasant story for you. With suspense, Dramas all around Squid Game are here to make their big release. Keep scrolling the article to know everything about this series in detail.

Squid Game: A Korean Movie To Watch!

Korean Dramas are arguably getting popular day by day and with their amazing storyline, who wouldn’t love to see them? Remember how the Korean Movie Paradise swept Academy awards? Yes, the power of K-dramas is really going out of hand. 

With this new series Squid Game, there is going to be something different this time. Korean Dramas are majorly about the romantic and cute scenes that are probably the next out of all the different series I have watched. But the director Hwang Dong-hyuk doesn’t want to stick with the social norms. This time, there is something different for the viewers. 

Based on the popular theme of “Do or Die” the series is here to make a big remark on people’s minds. If you are bored with the romantic series and want to try something different then I would ask you to try this. The series stars Lee Jung-Hae as the main lead who has been waiting to win that money. 

The story follows a game that involves 456 people who are invited to play this super mysterious yet super dangerous game. Do you know how we used to play squid games in our childhood? Yes, this is quite similar to that game but here, whoever loses has to die. 

The winner would get the prize of $40 Million and all the contestants are financially backward. 

K-pop music is surely getting bigger and with millions of fans all around the world, the singers are definitely getting all the love. Whenever I talk about K-pop, the first thing that automatically hits my mind is BTS. the popular k-pop boy band that is the reason why the industry got a massive fanbase and popularity. With record-breaking hots and top ranking in the charts, the group is waiting for their Bon Voyage. 

Squid Game Release Date: When it is Coming Out?

The popular game “Do or Die” is slightly changed into “Play or Die”. The new Korean series, Squid Game, will make your heart pound every time a new game comes. Remember how we used to play Squid games in our childhood? Yes, this is quite similar to that but here whoever loses, Dies. 

The Official trailer is just been released and fans are wondering about the game and what will happen with it? Are you one of those people who is wondering about the official release date? 

The series is announced to release on Netflix on 17 September 2021. If you are waiting to watch this series then don’t worry because you just have to wait for a few more days. 

The release time of this series may change according to your region as Netflix have a tradition to release the series at 12:01 a.m sharp. Keep checking your account to get into the series the fastest. 

Netflix’s exclusive Korean drama, You are my Spring is here. What happens when you want the person you love? The K-dramas is getting popular with its plotline that includes a variety of consent. Filled with romance, suspense, horror, and thrilling You are my spring is here. 

Squid Game Cast: Who is in It?

Lee Jung-Jae is reportedly the main lead of the movie and playing the character of a business tycoon who has nearly lost everything in his life. Desperate to know that her wife is getting separated from him and even losing tons of money in gambling, he decided to enter the game. 

Netflix has revealed the official cast of the series and If you are a big fan of these Korean-Dramas you would have known quite of them in the famous dramas. Another main lead of the series is Sang-woo (played by Park Hae-soo). Not to forget that these characters would be going against the main villain who hasn’t been revealed by the officials so far.

In the next few lines, we are going to elaborate on the cast and the character of the upcoming Korean drama with you. 

Is there any official Trailer for the Series?

Personally, Netflix always makes my expectations high with their trailers. As I always say in my blogs, Netflix brings some of the next trailers that make you want to watch the show desperately. Similarly, they also bring back the old tradition of making their Official Trailer full of suspense because that’s when we will watch the show, right? 

Squid Game released its official Trailer yesterday and I have seen fans are getting crazy over it. They appreciate the quality of the series and the idea behind it. At first, anyone can get fooled by watching the trailer and think of it as a movie.

In reality, it is a web series that consists of 8 episodes. If you haven’t got the chance to watch the series yet then don’t worry. We are here to help you with every problem. Watch the exclusive trailer of Squid Game and see what happens when you play the game for survival. 

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