Curious About Characters in the Squid Game? Let’s Find Out About Them

In this article we will talk about The Squid Game on Netflix which is about people playing life-or-death children’s games. Who are the characters, and where do the cast members appear elsewhere?

The series is supported by a great ensemble of South Korean actors, each of whom is well-suited to their particular roles. In a series of playground games for youngsters, the characters of Squid Game compete against hundreds of desperate and indebted people. In each game, failure results in death. Squid Game, set in and around modern-day Seoul, South Korea, puts its own terrifying spin on classic game themes like Battle Royale, The Hunger Games, and the Saw films.


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Every member of the series primary cast represents a piece of current society. Rich and impoverished Squid Game participants strive for the ultimate prize- billions of Koreans won, more than enough to wipe off their debts and start over in this nine-episode dystopian thriller. Players create alliances, betray one another, and do whatever is necessary to survive and win.

1. Lee Jung-jae

Seong Gi-hun, the protagonist of Squid Game, is a divorced persistent gambler who needs money to get custody of his daughter. Gi-hun gets even more motivation to participate in and win the games after learning that his mother has diabetes and requires surgery.

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Seong Gi-Squid hun’s Game persona is similar to Adam Sandler’s Howard Ratner in Uncut Gems. Lee Jung-jae, who plays Gi-hun, was previously seen in the 2013 historical drama The Face Reader as Grand Prince Suyang, as well as the 2000 film Il Mare, which inspired The Lake House.

2. Park Hae-soo

Cho Sang-woo, Seong Gi-boyhood hun’s friend, is the local neighborhood’s success story. Cho Sang-woo, after graduating from a prominent institution and making sound business ventures, is discovered stealing money from his clients and is on the run from the police.

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Sang-fast woo’s thinking and understanding of children’s games give him an advantage over other players and makes him a vital ally to Gi-hun as one of the sharper players among the cast of Squid Game characters. Park Hae-soo is most known for his part in the 2017 film Prison Playbook. He also appears in the Korean remake of the Netflix thriller Money Heist.

3. Jung Ho-yeon

Kang Sae-byeok needs the prize money from Squid Game to get her mother and the rest of her family out of North Korea. She also intends to utilize money to provide a good life for her younger brother, who lives in a Seoul orphanage. Sae-byeok is a proficient thief who also knows how to use a knife, in addition to being a North Korean defector. Jung Ho-yeon, a young model-turned-actor, makes his acting debut in Squid Game. She previously competed in the South Korean edition of America’s Next Top Model.

4. Tripathi Anupam

Immigrant Pakistani laborer Abdul Ali, played by one of the only non-Korean actors in the Squid Game cast, lost several fingers in a workplace accident for which he was never reimbursed. This prompts him to return to the workplace and face his old employer, who loses his own fingers in the ensuing brawl, forcing Abdul to grab his money and go.

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Ali offers to join Squid Game in order to provide a future not just for his wife and child in Seoul, but also for the rest of his family back home in Pakistan. Tripathi Anupam, an Indian-born actor, is an uncommon non-Korean presence not just in Squid Game, but also in the country’s television business.

5. Oh Young-soo

Oh Il-nam, also known as Player 001, is the oldest Squid Game player, for whom Gi-hun feels some responsibility. Old guy Il-nam, however, is not as helpless as he appears. Oh Young-soo, a seasoned actor, is most known for his appearances as monks in 2003’s A Little Monk and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

6. Wi Ha-joon

Hwang Jun-ho, a Seoul police officer, attempts but fails to obtain further answers from Gi-hun after investigating clues that he feels may lead him to his missing brother. Jun-ho goes undercover as a member of the staff who arranges the games to gain a better look, starting a neo-noir detective tale arc inside the dark humorous drama.

7. Heo Sung-tae

Jang Deok-su, a Squid Game player in Seoul, made a name for himself by dipping his fingers in the pockets of his criminal underlings. But when he becomes greedy enough to steal from his employer, in addition to incurring large gambling debts, he becomes desperate enough to participate in Squid Game.

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Given his previous performance as a vicious businessman in 2021’s Beyond Evil, it’s no wonder that actor Heo Sung-tae can play the classic real-life gangster so effectively. In Netflix’s Racket Boys, he also portrayed the coach of a kids’ badminton team.

8. Kim Joo-ryung

Little is known about Squid Game participant Han Mi-nyeo, save that she would do or say anything to survive. Kim Joo-ryung, who appeared in the 2012 drama Sleepless Night and had a tiny role in the 2018 historical drama Mr. Sunshine plays the eccentric and unexpectedly capable Mi-nyeo.

9. Lee Byung-hun

In-ho, commonly known as The Front Man, is Squid Game’s enigmatic masked commander. Beside from his role in the series, actor is a well-known veteran in the industry.

squid game cast

Master, The Good, The Bad, The Weird, Masquerade, Inside Men, and Joint Security Area are among his most successful films in the Korean drama and entertainment industry. Unlike his co-stars, Byung-hun has appeared in numerous Hollywood films, including The Magnificent Seven, G.I. Joe, and Terminator Genisys.

This is all about the main characters of the popular and highly- hyped series on Netflix.

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