Robert F. Kennedy Jr Announces Independent Presidency Race in Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah: A new twist is added to the 2024 Presidential Elections after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. filed for Presidency in the state of Utah.

After gathering the necessary 1,000 signatures to be included on the ballot, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced his filing to run for president in Utah in 2024. This is the first state in which the independent candidate and well-known opponent of vaccinations have become eligible to run for office.

Kennedy declared his candidacy in the state that morning while being surrounded by volunteers during a campaign event on Wednesday in Salt Lake City.

According to campaign spokesman Stefanie Spear, Utah is the first state in which the campaign has gathered signatures and is eligible to be on the ballot. Arizona might be next, she anticipates.

Kennedy criticized the numerous obstacles that prevent candidates not supported by a major political party from getting on the ballot, claiming that in certain areas, these obstacles make it nearly impossible for candidates to break the “chokehold” that Republicans and Democrats have over American politics.

The independent’s ability to obtain ballot access in Utah has sparked concerns about whether he would act as a spoiler for the eventual Democratic and Republican nominees. An independent or third-party candidate may not be able to win the presidency, but they may be able to sway the outcome by diverting support away from the front-runners.

The potential party nominees, former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have questioned whether Kennedy could be a spoiler for them. Because Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Republican candidate Donald Trump are unpopular with people, there’s a greater chance that third-party support may be crucial in 2024.

How many states will allow him to access the ballot is a mystery. States have different standards, and candidates not supported by the major parties may have to spend a lot of money gathering signatures and resolving legal obstacles.