25 Adorable Puppies & Dogs Rescued By Police In Oregon With 2 Arrests

Portland, Oregon: Police saved a pack of dogs abandoned inside a stolen U-Haul truck. The mission was carried out on Thanksgiving day.

In Klamath Falls, Oregon, on November 23, the Oregon State Police (OSP) received a report regarding a suspicious car at Love’s Truck Stop. Troopers were shocked to hear frantic barking from the enclosed cargo room as soon as they arrived, and they discovered the abandoned vehicle in the parking lot.

After being reported stolen, the U-Haul truck was left stranded in the parking lot for approximately two days. The noises of distress coming from the back prompted officers to get a search warrant right away so they could look into it more.

There was a depressing sight inside, fifteen abandoned dogs, including puppies, in seven cages.

The animals were thankfully all still alive, despite the police describing them as “severely neglected.” After successfully recovering 10 more canines, troopers quickly made contact with two suspects connected to the incident, increasing the total number of animals rescued to 25.

Most states have laws against abandoning animals, and it is usually considered animal mistreatment, which is a crime. Adopting an animal involves more than just giving it food, drink, housing, and medical attention; laws also prohibit abandoning an animal by dumping it in a public area or leaving it somewhere without meeting its basic needs.

The authorities arrested two suspects. David Eugene McMillion, 50, and Lisa Annette Weeks, 39 were arrested on the charges of Animal Abandonment, Criminal Mischief II, Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, and Animal Neglect II.

When the office shared the news with the public through their Facebook post, many praised the officers.