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Secret Headquarters, Paramount’s new venture into the superhero genre, includes a brilliant ensemble cast of performers from past roles, led by the outstanding Owen Wilson. Secret Headquarters, which will be released on the subscription streaming service on August 12th, is not a blockbuster that will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it is a stand-alone action-adventure picture that spotlights the performers and their ability with comedy and passion. This family-friendly epic comedy, rated PG, has a hefty budget and a touch of gore that will fulfill comic book cliches.



Secret Headquarters, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (Paranormal Activity film franchise), follows a child named Charlie and his pals as they find the secret headquarters of the world’s most daring superhero, The Guard. There’s only one catch: The Guard may be someone they’ve all met before. While avoiding the approaches of villains and their minions, Charlie and his group must do anything they can to rescue the world and The Guard’s identity.

Secret Headquarters, known for its incredible visual effects, demonstrates the strength of Paramount+ as a fantastic content streamer.

Owen Wilson as Jack Kincaid

Owen Wilson plays Jack Kincaid, an IT specialist who also acts as The Guard, a superhero akin to Iron Man tasked with defending the world one criminal at a time. Kincaid discovers an extraterrestrial light Source while camping with his family, which contains the technology that transforms him into a superhero. He is frequently gone from home and portrays a mild-mannered attitude when he is not battling crime.

secret headquaters cast

He is divorced from Charlie’s mother and lives in an exquisite bachelor pad down beneath his building that contains The Guard’s hidden headquarters. Audiences will recognize Owen Wilson from his Academy Award-nominated work on The Royal Tenenbaums, which he co-wrote with regular partner Wes Anderson. Wilson has appeared in films such as Midnight in Paris, Inherent Vice, Zoolander, Cars, and as Mobius in the Disney+ series Loki. He will next be featured in 2023’s Haunted Mansion, opposite Tiffany Haddish and Rosario Dawson.

Michael Pena as Ansel Argon

The main adversary in Secret Headquarters is Michael Pea, who portrays Ansel Argon and has a big ego for the entirety of the film. Argon is the CEO of Argon Tactical, a failing weapons manufacturer that relies on The Guard’s technology to create weapons of mass destruction. He pursues Charlie and his friends to The Guard’s covert headquarters in the hopes of discovering the Source before The Guard returns to his sci-fi man cave.

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Michael Pea has a long list of critically lauded credits, including Crash, World Trade Center, End of Watch, American Hustle, and The Martian. Secret Headquarters is not Pena’s first foray into the superhero genre; he previously appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Pena will next be featured in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, resuming his role as Luis.

Jesse Williams as Sean Irons

Captain Sean Irons is a pilot who discovers the Source at the start of Secret Headquarters at the same time as Jack Kincaid. The Source picks Kincaid over Irons and explodes in front of the two men, bestowing abilities to Kincaid and a burnt face on Irons.

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Irons has had a vendetta against Kincaid for over a decade, collaborating with Argon to uncover The Guard and exploit the Source for nefarious reasons. His intentions may be honorable, but he has surrounded himself with terrible guys, making Irons one of the film’s antagonists. Williams is most recognized for his work on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, as well as his Tony-nominated performance in the Broadway production of Take Me Out this year.

Walker Scobell as Charlie Kincaid

Walker Scobell, who plays Charlie in Secret Headquarters, is the quintessential lead, appearing in nearly every scene. Charlie has a crush on Maya, who appears to be older than Charlie.

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He adopts a group of friends who come to his father’s house after school one day, accidently finding the Guard’s headquarters through a secret corridor in Kincaid’s home. Playing with the technology at the headquarters, the band of teenage misfits discover the endless power of the Source and resolve to protect it at any cost.

cast of secret headquarters

The antics of Charlie and his buddies add much-needed heart and humour to this otherwise comic-book-like tale. Walker Scobell may not have been in many films yet, but he is most remembered for his role as Young Adam in The Adam Project. He’ll next be seen in the television adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

The Secret Headquarters Supporting Cast

Keith L. Williams plays Berger, one of Charlie’s school mates who helps keep the Source secure. He is well recognized for his role as Lucas in Good Boys.

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Momona Tamada as Maya – Maya is Charlie’s crush and one of the pals who find The Guard’s hidden headquarters. Tamada is most remembered for her roles in the To All the Boys and The Baby-Sitters Club franchises as Young Lara Jean.

Lizzie is played by Abby James Witherspoon. Lizzie is Charlie’s prim yet entertaining buddy who likes documenting her life on social media. Witherspoon is the niece of actress Reese Witherspoon, and she has previously appeared in Hot Pursuit and Secret Headquarters. She will soon be seen in the film I Would Have Kissed You.

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