Proven Ways to Effectively Promote a Barber Shop

The demand for barbershops has increased significantly over the years worldwide. In places like Japan, they earned considerable money in a year from barbershop businesses. With that increased demand comes an increased need to learn marketing skills for barbershops.

Finding good barbershop marketing strategies and advice isn’t always difficult, but putting those strategies into practice can be challenging. Everyone knows they should promote their company to as many people as possible, but how does one do that?

You’ll learn how to do it in this article in addition to what you could be doing. You’ll understand how to transform barbershop creative marketing concepts into practical marketing plans when you’re done reading. You’ll learn how to market your barbershop online, but we’ll also immediately cover the best offline marketing strategies you can implement.

Five cost-effective strategies to promote your barber shop

Get your shop on google maps

Where do people look first for neighborhood services? In Google Maps. Google Maps advertising for your barbershop is the most effective online strategy for drawing in local clients. It is the most widely used barbershop marketing strategy, but only a tiny percentage of barbers utilize it to its fullest extent.

Getting your barbershop listed on Google Maps may seem complicated, but it’s relatively simple. Additionally, it costs nothing to list your barbershop business on Google Maps. Simply put, Google My Business is where people add their businesses to have them show up on Google Maps.

After creating an account, all you need to do to add your barbershop to Google Maps is enter your business information and request verification. You’ll get a postcard with a verification code in a few days.

Book in advance online

Giving your customers the option to reserve your barber services online is a fantastic barbershop marketing idea. Customers are eager to use online and advanced booking services.

As a result of being able to reserve a seat for themselves, your clients will be satisfied. You will book more appointments as they can view your available time slots in real-time.

Without having to call or message you, it just makes it simpler for them to find and reserve a time slot that works for them. It is the best barbershop marketing idea because it relieves the stress associated with scheduling and client management while also assisting in expanding your barber shop.

Create a logo for your barbershop

Without a logo, barbershop marketing is nonexistent. Building recognition and trust require logos. Compelling logos have a strong symbolic association linked to people’s memories.

You may wonder how to get a logo if you don’t already have one. The simplest way would be to hire a designer, but logos don’t have to be expensive, and hiring a designer can be pretty expensive.

You can create a barbershop logo for free yourself. It is effortless and not time-consuming at all. Although many tools are available, not all of them let you download your logo in high resolution for nothing. For printing, you’ll need high-resolution files.


Advertising is what plays a vital role in the success of any business. You need to advertise your business and create awareness, and your advertising has to be so good that it would make people want to try your services. Social media can be your biggest asset in this case and is mostly free of cost.

While there are many ways to promote and advertise, making posters and publishing them usually stands out when you want more people to know about your business.

Websites like PosterMyWall serve as the ideal tool with various barber shop poster templates you can choose from, and it works like a charm. Get one that fits your barber business and style and make up a poster that you can publish on their website.

Use word of mouth to market your barbershop

The best barbershop marketing strategy is probably word of mouth because your customers can advertise for you for no cost. Politely ask your loyal customers to refer their friends to your services. Asking people to talk about your barbershop is a great way to promote it. They’ll happily do it if they’re satisfied customers.

For every new client they bring to your barbershop, you could even give them a discount on your next service. Or you could design a “Bring a friend” service package that offers a discount to both customers who bring a friend who has never been to your barbershop. This way, you increase your clientele and satisfy your existing customers.

Important takeaways

In the starting years of your business, you don’t have to spend insane money to promote your barbershop. The key is to utilize and take advantage of all the ways to promote a readily available online business for little to no cost. Social media is used by most people daily; use platforms like Instagram to promote your barbershop.