The Truth About Melania and Donald Trump’s Marriage

What is the real story behind Melania and Donald Trump’s marriage? For the pair, love came first, then marriage, and finally an unexpected presidency. However, being the nation’s most-watched pair has not been easy for the Trumps; their marriage has been attacked due to their 24-year age difference and Donald’s track record of divorce and alleged sex scandals.

donald trump and melania marriage

Donald and Melania met in a nightclub in New York, where the rich businessman met the Slovenian model. Despite the fact that Donald is renowned for his extroverted personality and Melania is known for her shyness, the couple had an evident affinity from the start. Five years after their fatal first encounter, the couple said, “I do,” and a year later, Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump, was born.

Melania and Donald Trump met at a New York nightclub

After being introduced by an Italian businessman, Donald first saw Melania Trump — who has undergone a spectacular makeover — in 1998 at the Kit Kat Club in New York City. “There was a tremendous connection and excitement straight away,” Melania stated on Larry King Live. However, Melania’s friend Edit Molnar told the New York Post that Donald was there with another lady, so Melania did not entertain his approaches.

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But The Donald was completely captivated. “I’d seen her before, on the runways and all, but her beauty completely blew me away,” he told Tatler. Despite his playboy pals’ advice not to waste his time because they’d already attempted to romance Melania, he persevered and asked for her phone number. “But I didn’t give it to him because I knew who he was and I think… he had all these females, so I want to see what type of number he would give to me,” Melania explained.

donald trump and melania marriage

Despite her reservations, Donald gave her his personal phone number rather than his company number. She phoned him a few days later, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Donald and Melania Trump’s wedding was a lavish, star-studded affair

Melania and Donald Trump married in a $42 million ballroom at their Mar-a-Lago estate, which Donald had constructed from the ground up. The estate features 24-karat gold moldings, custom-made crystal chandeliers, and 11,000 square feet of marble floors. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Billy Joel (who sang), Anna Wintour, Heidi Klum, Derek Jeter, and Shaquille O’Neal were among the guests.

Melania, 34, donned a Christian Dior gown with a 13-foot train that allegedly cost $200,000. In fact, she appeared on the cover of Vogue in what was dubbed “the outfit of the year.” Melania’s engagement diamond cost $75,000 from Graff Jewelers.

donald trump and melania marriage

Donald was 58 at the time, and he was entirely secure in his third marriage. “If I didn’t have a fantastic girlfriend, I would be lot more scared,” he told People. When Larry King asked Melania whether she was nervous on Larry King Live, she answered she felt confident since they had been together for five years. “We know what type of connection we have, and I don’t think I should be afraid of anything,” says the author. She admitted.

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To say Donald and Melania Trump respect one other is an understatement. In reality, author Michael Wolff revealed in his book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House that Melania and Donald Trump do not share a bed. He further stated that Donald has a tendency of locking his wife out of the house at night so he may eat cheeseburgers while watching television.

Former housekeepers for the marriage verified the split to writer Mary Jordan for her book, The Art of Her Deal: Melania Trump’s Untold Story. The women worked at Donald Trump’s golf course in New Jersey and confirmed that the president’s apartment was on the second story, with Melania and Barron Trump sleeping in different rooms on the same floor (via Meaww). “I never saw them sitting at a table, eating together, conversing like a regular family,” one former employee told Jordan. “They spend time together, but they don’t interact.”

donald trump and melania marriage

These agreements, however, do not always imply that they are alienated. Jordan told Inside Edition, “By all accounts, they do have a connection, they do have a bond.”

Melania and Donald Trump have one son together

On an appearance of Larry King Live following his marriage to Melania Trump, Donald Trump stated that he intended to have children with his new wife. “I’m not going to be changing diapers…she’ll be an amazing mother. I’ll be a nice father, but I’ll be busy with my business.” In 2006, the couple had their only child, Barron Trump. Donald altered his views about fatherhood when his son was born, saying People, “I enjoy feeding the kid. Not because I have to, but just because I enjoy it.”

Barron Trump grew raised at the penthouse of Trump Tower in New York City, where he had not just a nursery, but also a kitchen, living room, and nanny’s quarters.

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Donald and Melania ensure that their youngster is shielded from media scrutiny. Barron had a motorcade escort him to school in Manhattan after Donald was sworn in (via TMZ). Melania stayed in New York with Barron for six months to help him finish his school year, and they went to the White House for the summer.

There’s speculation that Melania Trump will divorce Donald Trump once he leaves office

Melania Trump remarked on Larry King Live, “To marry a man like Donald, you have to know who you are and be extremely strong and educated.” Only time will tell if Melania will be able to use her fortitude to quit the marriage if she so desires. Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former White House adviser to President Trump, said in her book Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House that the couple’s demise might be nigh. “In my opinion, Melania is counting down the minutes till he leaves office, and she can divorce him,” she wrote.

Melania Trump is Donald Trump’s third wife

When it comes to marriage, Donald Trump believes that the third time is the charm; the ladies’ man was married twice before marrying Melania Trump. Donald Trump has three children with his first wife, Ivana Trump, whom he married from 1977 until 1992: Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump, who has undergone a spectacular metamorphosis. The Trump children live opulent lives and all work for their father.

Donald had a public affair with actress Marla Maples while still married to Ivana. Their relationship made headlines when the New York Post published a cover including the supposed Maples comment about Donald’s ability in bed (via the Daily Beast). Donald eventually married Maples in 1993, and they welcomed his fourth child, Tiffany Trump, two months later. They had divorced by 1997.

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Melania has also stated that the president does not follow social norms. “He’s not politically correct, and he says the truth,” she said. Melania emphasized this point in her address to the Republican National Convention. “As you have discovered over the last five years, he is not a typical politician,” she said.

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