Parents Brutally Stabbed by Woman in Arizona; Brother Called Police and took Parents to Hospital

An individual has been apprehended following an incident where her parents were reportedly stabbed and sustained injuries at a residence near Sedona in the Village of Oak Creek on Saturday morning.

At approximately 5:30 a.m., deputies from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office responded to a reported stabbing at a residence near Coffee Pot Rock Drive and Highway 179.

According to authorities, the initial YCSO patrol sergeant who arrived at the scene encountered the suspect, 33-year-old Lauren Levinson, on the street close to the residence. Levinson has been apprehended.

As per the YCSO, the sergeant entered the residence where the alleged stabbing took place and discovered the suspect’s parents, who had sustained multiple stab wounds.

The YCSO has reported that the suspect’s brother played a crucial role in assisting the sergeant with life-saving measures for his parents. He quickly took action by stopping the blood flow from his mother’s wounds and creating a tourniquet for his father’s arm.

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The Sedona Fire Department quickly arrived and assumed control of the life-saving efforts. The parents were transported to separate medical facilities for treatment, and they are currently in stable condition.

Levinson has been charged with attempted second-degree murder and aggravated assault as reported by AZfamily.

The YCSO is currently at the scene, gathering evidence and conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the stabbing incident.

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