Parents Brutally Abused 5 Adopted Kids in Ohio; Arrested and Indicted after Evidence Piled Up

An indictment has been issued against a couple in Clermont County, Ohio, on various charges, alleging that they abused their adopted children.

The mother, Matthew Robert Edmonson, and the father, Charles Robert Edmonson, have been indicted on five counts of child endangering, which are crimes in the third degree, according to the announcement made by the Clermont County Prosecutor, Mark Tekulve.

It is alleged that the couple has subjected their five adopted children to physical and emotional abuse.

According to Tekulve, the couple could be sentenced to up to 18 years in jail if they are found guilty of the accusations.

Based on the information provided by the prosecutor, the five children, all of whom are related, were initially placed in foster care by the couple before getting adopted.

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For a variety of injuries, including bruises, bleach burns, probable internal bleeding, and negligence, Tekulve stated that the youngsters had been admitted and discharged from the hospital on multiple occasions.

According to the prosecution, the couple would provide explanations for the injuries sustained by the five boys, who he claims were born with a variety of medical conditions.

The prosecution stated that the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office made reasonable attempts to safeguard the children in the event that evidence was subsequently disclosed.

The couple had been the subject of an investigation by a detective working for the sheriff’s office, who finally led to the conviction of Charles Edmonson for allegedly indulging in sexual intercourse with a different adopted son who was an adult at the time.

The prosecutor stated that the youngster had been groomed from a young age onward, according to those allegations.

Following the arrest, the detective was able to come across videos of the abuse that had occurred as reported by WLWT News.

The prosecutor stated that the films were “too graphic to describe,” but that it was evident that the youngsters had been subjected to abuse and torture on a “nearly daily basis.”

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