Nebraska Couple Arrested for Alleged Brutal Abuse of Five Kids; One Ran Away Barefoot to Escape Abuse: Cops

A man and woman were apprehended in Aurora following an incident where a child without shoes strayed onto a highway during nighttime, as reported by the police.

Two individuals, Carrie Beck and Nathan Collingham, were apprehended by the Aurora Police Department on June 16. Beck and Collingham both face multiple child abuse charges, which are classified as class IIIA felonies.

A police officer responded to an incident at the Green Meadows Estate at approximately 10:40 p.m. on June 15th. A concerned caller reported witnessing an incident involving a woman and a child, as well as the presence of five children sleeping in front of a camper on a lot.

According to an arrest affidavit, the officer discovered five children upon arrival, all of whom were wearing t-shirts and shorts but were not fully clothed. The police reported that the children had multiple bug bites, scratches, and bruises.

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Officers discovered that Collingham, the owner of the camper, had been granted temporary parental powers over the children. According to his statement to the police, the children had the freedom to choose whether to sleep indoors or outdoors.

However, the officer observed that the tent was suitable for two to three individuals and had been thoroughly drenched. Court records indicate that a tote containing children’s clothing was also left outside in the driveway.

While the officer was conducting the investigation, the children approached and inquired about their situation, expressing their concern about being separated and requesting to be placed in a different residence. The affidavit states that the children expressed their hunger, and the officer was unable to locate any food or water in close proximity to the kids.

Authorities conducted a thorough inspection of the camper’s living conditions and discovered a significant amount of clutter, including trash and personal belongings. Court records reveal that the camper lacked sufficient space for the children to sleep comfortably.

Upon gathering evidence, the officer made their way back to the station, only to receive two phone calls from the vicinity in the late hours of the night. Callers reported a child wrapped in a blanket walking in the middle of Highway 34.

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An officer discovered a child wandering barefoot and recognized him as one of the children from the tent, according to the affidavit. The child claimed to have been locked out of the camper as a consequence of his misbehavior.

The police returned to the camper and confronted Beck and Collingham. Based on court records, Collingham claimed that he had no intention of searching for the child.

Collingham was apprehended after making the comment, while Beck was subsequently detained in connection with the living conditions and alleged slapping as reported by 1011Now News.

The initial bond amounts for Beck and Collingham were set at 10% of $50,000. However, Collingham’s bond was later reduced to $5,000 and was posted on Thursday.

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