South Carolina Parents Arrested after Cops find Kids living in Deplorable Conditions; Kids found with Severe Bruising

Parents face charges for neglecting children’s living conditions and prioritizing substance abuse over their well-being.

Kelly Poe and Paul St. Michel face charges related to unlawful conduct involving children, while the mother is facing charges related to drug possession and credit card theft. They are still being held at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

The children, aged 6 and 17, reportedly resided in a shed that was described as “deplorable” due to its lack of cleanliness, limited space, absence of plumbing and climate control, and inadequate food storage facilities. These details were confirmed in the arrest warrant. The victims were not provided with any additional clothing.

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On June 17, authorities in Myrtle Beach responded to a report of child abuse in the 300 block of Cedar Street. The report was made by Adrian Wilson, the father of a 17-year-old who was a friend of the victim.

The Mirror reported that he expressed his deep concern upon learning about the situation and expressed his desire to check on his son’s friend. He stated that he had no prior knowledge of the unfortunate events that took place.

“I came out here looking for my son’s friend, just to let him know, ‘Hey, we’re here, come on, I’ll take you in,'” Wilson said, “If we would have known this, man, we would have intervened a long time ago.”

Jimmy Efird, a resident of Cedar Street, expressed little surprise upon learning about the situation. Having owned property on the street for three decades, he is well aware of its tendency to experience higher crime rates.

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