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In this article we will discuss about the cast of One Tree Hill and their current status. The series was a hugely successful adolescent drama, and its skilled cast has done some amazing things since the program ended. The popularity of the adolescent drama genre skyrocketed in the early 2000s with the launch of series like Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill, the latter of which lasted considerably longer than predicted and concluded over a decade later.

James Lafferty

Beginning as the show’s antagonist, James then became the deuteragonist until finally becoming the main character beginning in Season 7. James hasn’t had any prominent parts in subsequent works since then.

one tree hill cast

His film career has been limited to one-off appearances every few years, while his TV performances have included a brief spell on Crisis in 2014 and a recurring role on The Haunting of Hill House. However, James has made a solid transition into directing, having directed a few episodes of the serial opera The Royals as well as directing, writing, and producing a television film titled Everyone is Doing Great.

Danneel Ackles

Supernatural viewers must feel like Danneel Harris is a part of their daily life, since the actress has been married to the series’ star Jensen Ackles for a decade, even taking on his surname. She has kept on fans’ radars thanks to her social media presence, where she promotes her husband and brother’s company, “Family Business Beer Co.

one tree hill cast

Danneel never made it big in show business, with her film career limited to supporting roles in Harold & Kumar flicks and her major TV part in Friends with Benefits fizzling after a single season. Having three children and running a successful business, though, means she’s still a huge winner in life.

Austin Nichols

Austin’s appearance on One Tree Hill is unknown to the current generation of fans instead, he’s recognized as the person who is stabbed in terrible ways in TV series. Austin’s film career stalled once he ceased appearing in little parts, so he resorted to recurrent appearances on television.

one tree hill cast

His three most notable parts in this country were on Ray Donovan, Bates Motel, and The Walking Dead – the latter two were where his characters couldn’t get a break, as they were viciously stabbed to death, but it did offer Austin some notoriety. He’s still spotted at Hollywood events on a daily basis, and he’s lately gotten back into the dating scene following his break-up with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Chloe Bennett.

Bethany Joy Lenz

Bethany is a multi-talented lady with as many jobs as she does identities, having worked as an actor, singer, and company owner. Her last feature release was in 1996, before she ever appeared on One Tree Hill, so you won’t find her anyplace on the film circuit.

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On TV, she’s barely been noticed, with guest roles on Dexter and Grey’s Anatomy in recent years – that is, until lately, when she landed a main part in the Suits spin-off Pearson. Her commercial ventures have seen her launch her own jewelry line, and she has been a generous philanthropist.

Paul Johansson

Dan Scott, the outright antagonist of One Tree Hill, was dubbed as easily one of the worst fathers on film and television back in the day. In real life, Paul is obviously not a bad guy; he even has an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Children’s Special!

one tree hill

Paul’s passion appears to be directing, and he’d directed fourteen One Tree Hill episodes before landing the director role for Atlas Shrugged: Part 1. He returned to regular TV in 2016 when he was cast in Val Helsing, another show on which he has landed the director’s chair.

Antwon Tanner

Antwon was in his 30s when he was cast in One Tree Hill, and he’s currently in his 50s as of this writing. Perhaps his age caught up with him, since Antwon was not featured in younger parts after his most renowned role ended, instead participating in a spate of small films that have yet to be seen.

He’s recently gotten some mainstream employment, including recurring appearances on Get Shorty and Unsolved. However, a regular role has escaped him for the previous seven years, as Antwon was imprisoned in 2010 for fraud while One Tree Hill was still airing.

Moira Kelly

Many people observed that Moira did not appear to be the mother of Chad Michael Murray, and they would be correct because the actress was just a little more than a decade older than her fictional son.

one tree hill

Moira, a devoted Christian, is known for contacting a priest before accepting parts in which characters must be explicit, such as her appearances in Twin Peaks and Daybreak. Kelly has been married to her spouse for nineteen years and has two children.

Hilarie Burton

Hilarie, like Danneel Ackles, hasn’t had much screen time since One Tree Hill, and she’s also married to a Supernatural star. She’s been married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan for a decade and has two children, a boy and a daughter.

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Her most noteworthy performances have been on Grey’s Anatomy and White Collar, but it appears that motherhood has altered her views in favor of prioritizing family above her profession. And she has a lot on her plate, since the actress lives on a very massive farm with her family, the adventures of which are documented on social media for fans to enjoy.

Sophia Bush

She attracted a lot of media attention back in the day for being a very gorgeous celebrity, as well as being linked with three of her former One Tree Hill co-stars. People may be unaware that Sophia was once married to Chad Michael Murray.

one tree hill cast

Sophia’s career has recently taken off, with her appearing in Incredibles 2 and having recently completed a successful run in the Chicago series. Her strong social media presence, where she is an active campaigner, is what keeps her in the headlines. Sophia is a founder member of the “Time’s Up” campaign, which has raised over $20 million in the previous few years.

This is all about the cast of “One Tree Hill Cast“, will update you more on this soon, till then stay tuned.

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